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How did your labour/s start?

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lovecloud Sat 22-Apr-06 10:05:18


show at night
waters broke next morning
contractions that night

no.2 - to come

CarolinaMooncup Sat 22-Apr-06 10:18:23

bit of show at 41 weeks - more when I had a sweep later that day

regular braxton hickses (up to 7 hours at a stretch, every 15 mins) most days during the following week

waters broke after about 22 hrs of period-pain style contractions but I was still only 1cm dilated at that point.

ds arrived about 30 hrs later

CarolinaMooncup Sat 22-Apr-06 10:18:23

bit of show at 41 weeks - more when I had a sweep later that day

regular braxton hickses (up to 7 hours at a stretch, every 15 mins) most days during the following week

waters broke after about 22 hrs of period-pain style contractions but I was still only 1cm dilated at that point.

ds arrived about 30 hrs later

Seashells Sat 22-Apr-06 10:19:23

1st - woke in morning with tummy pains, steadily got worse all day, had him 11pm on night, no show or waters broken until far into labour.

2nd - tummy ache and show on sunday, painful contractions on and off, finally gave birth on the tuesday night.

3rd to come You're like me lovecloud, I'm sat waiting for any possible signs of baby's imminent arrival too.

MerlinsBeard Sat 22-Apr-06 10:38:37

DS1, contractions from mid morning,then show had him in afternoon
had my waters broken with him

DS2 had had lots of braxton hicks from very early in pregnancy. Woke in middle of the night in LOTS of pain, went to hosp and an hour later ds2 was born!
Waters borke just as i started to push

SomethingAboutMary Sat 22-Apr-06 10:41:00

Ds - Woke at 4am with period type pains stood up & had a show, contractions started there & then ds born at 8.30pm that evening.

Dd - Sat at hospital being checked as had high blood pressure starting getting bad back pain at 9.30pm how labour was all in my back at Dd was born at 5.14am.

Flamesparrow Sat 22-Apr-06 10:42:15

DD - bit of a show a couple of weeks before, but big show followed by contractions immediately, waters went a few hours later.

DS - big bloody show (scared the cr*p out of me, thought I was just bleeding), contractions within 30 mins.

bramblina Sat 22-Apr-06 10:45:47

Had Braxton Hicks from about 18 wks but very strong & regular on the saturday night before due date. Show on due date (tues) lunch time, All day wed I had strong BH (i guess that was early stages though) woke up 1am Thurs definitely labour, progressed well, waters broke 2.50pm, ds born 3.10pm.

2Happy Sat 22-Apr-06 11:18:16



motherinferior Sat 22-Apr-06 11:30:03

First one with escalating BH (all my BH throughout that first pregnancy hurt) which I eventually worked out must be the 'real thing' although you're supposed to know instantly . About 12 hours in when I was in lots of pain I kind of realised this was probably it.

Second time my waters broke while I was on MN, then I had a show, then I started contracting, then a few hours later I gave birth in my front room. Not a great deal of fun but, you know, much nicer (actually it was amazing).

CatherineG Sat 22-Apr-06 11:35:18

ds1: 37wks, mild bh's for 10 days, waters went 10pm, contractions started 11pm, born 12.36am (hospital).

ds2: 37wks, bh's for 10 wks increasing to v painful, waters went at 11.30pm, contractions started 11.40pm, born at 11.55pm (unassisted home).

hunkermunker Sat 22-Apr-06 11:37:45

DS1 waters went at 3.30am, whilst I was in bed. Had him just under 12 hours later.

DS2 twinges about 5.30am, had him at 2.05pm same day, waters went 15 minutes before he was born.

No show with either of them, not that I saw anyway!

Melpomene Sat 22-Apr-06 11:44:52

dd1: waters broke (just a trickle though) with meconium in them at 8pm. Phoned midwife and was advised to go straight to hospital. Contractions started at about 10pm

dd2: woke up at about 3am, having contractions. Timed them and they were regular, 7 minutes apart. Had a show a couple of hours later, I think.

blueteddy Sat 22-Apr-06 11:48:42

DS1 - Bad back pains & braxton hicks all night. Waters didn't break until I got to hospital & didn't notice a show.

DS2 - Very uncomfortable braxton hicks all night alongside regular trips to the toilet!
Waters broke early morning while DS1 was tugging at my arm demanding his breakfast!
DS2 arrived 5 hours later.

compo Sat 22-Apr-06 11:50:59

Waters broke in the night followed by bad BH/contactions all night. Had him at 7.44pm next evening

bubblepop Sat 22-Apr-06 13:45:05

ds1 & ds2 both inductions
dd1 & dd2 with both had niggles in the night for about a week before. then the night before they were born, 20 min contrax all night,but nothing the next day till it all kicked off late afternoon...both born a quite quickly after that

me23 Sat 22-Apr-06 13:52:41

very mild period type pains from 6pm didn't think anything of it.
Then contractions started at 11pm (couldn't bring myself to believe it was real)
went into hospital at 6am next morning (was already 7cm dilated!)
dd born at 13.49 that day (smile)

CarolinaMooncup Sat 22-Apr-06 14:00:22

you lot are jammy aren't you?

bramblina Sat 22-Apr-06 21:25:49

Oooh catherineG I'll have some of that please. Sounds good.

picassotriggerfish Sat 22-Apr-06 21:29:17

with a big needle in my hand!

i want MI's 2nd birth, sounds fab!

joanna4 Sat 22-Apr-06 21:37:03

Induced both times -have never experienced that is this it feeling at home.

picnikel Sat 22-Apr-06 21:40:19

With a whopping contraction at 5.30pm - no build up, just not in labour one minute, in labour the next!!! Immediately realised all those "painful" BHs I'd had were NOTHING! At least it was all over in 8 hours.

Mercy Sat 22-Apr-06 21:49:22

With both of mine, the waters broke first which apparently is very unusual.

dd, born about 13 hours after waters breaking, but only 6 hours after contractions started (strong and x painful from the beginning)

ds, born about 14 hours after waters breaking. But contractions only strated about 3 hours before he was born - again really painful

What I don't understand is why I had no gradual build up. i had about max 2 hour with dd, even less with ds and wham, I was in full on labour wiht both of them

Miaou Sat 22-Apr-06 21:53:57

With backache, like period pain, preceded by manic tidying and huge burst of energy. Kept stopping and starting though . That was ds - dd1, contractons started at 10pm and she was born 16 hours later, dd2 contractions started at 10am after a night of d and v . All three times, my waters went just before the head came out (and exploded out each time!)

PinkTulips Sat 22-Apr-06 21:55:18

braxton hicks i'd been having for weeks gradually developed into contractions, were irregular for 3 days then had a show middle of the night saturday, then the contractions started to come 5 mins apart on the sunday night, wandered into hosp at 12 midnight to be told i was only half a cm dilated so wandered back home again, went back in 12 next day, was only 3cm co had my waters broken with that hook thingy and dd was born 3 hours later!

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