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moving during pregnancy

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gingiber Fri 25-Jan-13 11:36:04

Thank you, bitbot. I didn't see your reply until today. It does seem best then to transfer my care to the new place immediately whenever I move, though so far I had such a good experience in the Rosie that I would rather return there every time I need something...

bitbot Tue 15-Jan-13 16:42:35

I moved 6 weeks b4 due date, and initially was planning to keep my care with my original midwives, however, suddenly needed to have daily monitoring due to high bp.... No chance of a 250 mile round trip daily, so had to very quickly transfer my care down.... With hindsight should have done it straight away as if suddenly need services locally it just complicates matters if they don't know u, and u aren't familiar with the services either hth grin

gingiber Mon 14-Jan-13 21:58:13

Thank you very much for your response! It is really useful. I will sleep on it a few more days before I decide...

Beatrixpotty Sun 13-Jan-13 15:19:57

If you are definitely moving you can transfer your care to a London hospital.You would need the help of your current GP,midwife and I assume,hospital consultant if having a section.Hospitals do get "booked " for delivery so the sooner you know where you are going ,the better.In theory you could still move to London & deliver at Addenbrookes but what if you went into labour early?At least if you are booked into a London hospital they will be prepared for this.Also,if you are having a planned c-section you have to go in at 35-36 weeks to book the date,and again the week before usually to do consent,discuss anaesthetic etc.Will save yourself a journey if delivering in London & living there too.Also if you had a delivery in Cambridge but were then discharged to London there may be a hiccup in continuity of community midwife and then health visitor follow up as this is usually done via the GP surgery where you are registered.So the best thing to do is either move after the delivery,or move the month before but let everyone know what you are doing,where you will be,and get booked in for your section in a Lindon hospital local to your new address.Hope that makes sense!

gingiber Sun 13-Jan-13 14:58:51

I am thinking to move to London from Cambridge a month before I'm due. Does anybody know how this would affect my contact with the midwives and the consultants? Can I go back to Cambridge to give birth in Addenbrookes where I was planning to or do I have to find a hospital in London? Any disadvantages of not staying in the same place? I will have a caesarean, by the way, which may complicate things.

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