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Has anyone requested an Induction?

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Arrrgh Wed 09-Jan-13 12:02:37


I'm currently 37weeks pregnant with DC2.

I had DD at 40+3 after a membrane sweep on my due date through severe SPD.

I once again have SPD, which is getting worse and worse. I can barely walk, it hurts when I sit down, I can't sleep. Everytime I stand up the pain is worse. I can't take no more of the pain, I am in tears through the pain constantly.

I am currently taking maximum Codiene for the pain. I have had SPD since 12weeks.

I am also a High Risk pregnancy through my health. I see my Consultant every week as he needs to keep an eye on me and he is concerned as my illness is becoming worse but my Neuro and NeuroSurgeon can't do anything which is not too serious as my illness is not in emergency stages yet and the Neuro and Surgeon does not believe it will be in Emergency Stages for a while.

With my illness I get severe Headaches.

So with the pain from my SPD and my headaches I was going to ask to be induced as I can not take this pain no more.

My Consultant has said the overall plan is to get as close to 38weeks as possible.

My Consultant is not very good and will not listen to me. He cuts me off when I'm talking to him and is very abrupt. I don't get a word in edgeways sad

I was wondering if anyone has asked to be induced and got it?

I am apparently 2-3cms at the moment and I have had Steroids in case I had to be induced sooner through my illness.

I just can't go on with this pregnancy and the pain I'm in.

anonymosity Thu 10-Jan-13 02:13:51

I did have an induction, but I was bang-on 39 wks. I would say a couple things - if you can hang on til 38 weeks, it will be better in terms of development (I am sure you know this already). And your consultant may not be bad because they don't listen to you. That's not really what they're paid for. Mine was a bit of a dictatorial grump, but when it came to the crunch, he did an excellent job at delivery. Hang in there!

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