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Post natal ward hell

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SilverLake Mon 07-Jan-13 18:25:29

Anyone else experiencing the joys of the postnatal ward?

I'm shattered and want to sleep and amazingly my baby agrees. Meanwhile the woman in the next door cubicle has visitors and one kid (not the baby) has just spent 10 mins screaming his lungs out whilst the adults did nothing.

Please cheer me up with your stories. I'm here for a few days.

Jollyb Mon 07-Jan-13 20:07:54

pancake I think I can beat your 11 - the woman across from me had 16 visitors at one point. I was mid induction on all fours on my bed and they all kept pulling back my curtain grrr.

There must have been about 4 generations of mothers there and then they had the nerve to complain that the midwife hadn't shown the woman how to bath her baby.

Fortunately this baby is going to be born at a hospital that only has single rooms.

Bubblegum78 Mon 07-Jan-13 20:11:39

I've had 3 children and none of those times were hell.

Yes, NHS hospital and yes I was on the ward not in a side room.

Everything you have described is entirely normal and not at all hellish.

It's a hospital, not a hotel!

I'm seriously beginning to wonder what the public expect from hospitals nowadays!

MzPixielated Mon 07-Jan-13 20:12:57

with DD she was born at midnight so i went into the PN ward in the early hours, unfortunately it was also being used as a early labour ward because they where so full. on one side i had a woman in the throws of labour being sick and on the other side i had a very angry lady arguing with everything anyone said the bounty lady got told to piss off by pretty much everyone. the worst was the girl opposite me whom was still in early labour angrily glaring at me constantly (never allowed to shut the sodding curtains), not the easiest thing to cope with when i was having problems getting DD to latch on (found out at 6 weeks it was tongue tie, i knew it was but all the midwives insisted she didn't * sigh *) home birth anyone?

MooseBeTimeForCoffee Mon 07-Jan-13 20:37:54

I had a c-section so I had my own room. Aside from a super gadgety bed that moved in every conceivable direction but made my arse go numb, whoever was on the floor above me would spend the night scraping chairs across the floor. I know other mums who've stayed in that room comment on that too.

Three very long nights ...

Jollyb Mon 07-Jan-13 20:40:56

bubblegum I don't think expecting post natal wards to enforce their rules on visiting numbers is too much to ask.

mrlazysfishwife Mon 07-Jan-13 20:44:39

The PN ward was like the seventh circle of hell when I had ds1. I swear I have never been more exhausted in my life, and that was nothing to do with crying babies! With ds2 I had a £50 a night private room. Would happily have paid for the more expensive £120 a night room but was v lucky. I was there three nights and it was by far the best £150 I have ever ever EVER SPENT!!!!!!!!!!! smile

JarethTheGoblinKing Mon 07-Jan-13 20:45:42

Bubblegum - I expect a hospital to make sure that an entire extended family isn't stood 3 feet away from me, shouting into their phones and leaning on my babies cot! I expect that the toilet is actually useable. I expect that when there are only 4 patients in a ward that I can get out of bed and not be stared at by 20+ fucking visitors.

and, like in any other ward in any hospital, I expect that visitors be considerate and fucking quiet.

mrlazysfishwife Mon 07-Jan-13 20:50:41

bubblegum of course I know a hospital isn't a hotel. But that doesn't excuse the women in my bay chatting loudly ALL NIGHT, and basically telling me to F off when I asked them to please shut up! Or the girl in the bed next to me being on her phone, loudly, from 5, yes 5 am onwards. Or the midwives talking to each other VERY LOUDLY in the middle of the night by the end of my bed. Or the mw refusing to help me settle ds even though he was under a phototherapy lamp and my first baby so I no fucking clue what I was doing. I repeat, it was the SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

JarethTheGoblinKing Mon 07-Jan-13 20:54:13

Maybe bubble is one of those people who yap into their phone all night and has 73 visitors? wink

StellaNova Mon 07-Jan-13 21:00:09

Congratulations SilverLake!

My first time round I had never stayed in hospital before so had no idea what was going on. When the lights went out at 11 or whenever it was, I was in the middle of changing my first sticky meconium filled nappy and suddenly plunged into darkness. I didn't know there were cubicle lights or where the light switch was and I fumbled around in the dark for about half an hour (with water and cotton wool as I had been advised by the hospital antenatal class rather than baby wipes), entirely unable to work out how the poppers went on the vest and babygro, until I weepingly took baby to the midwife on the desk who said "Goodness! What HAS mummy done to you?!"

DifferentNow Mon 07-Jan-13 21:07:44

Bubblegum no-ones asking to be treated like a guest but privacy and respect cost the Nhs nothing and isn't much to ask for. PN women are generally emotional, hormonal, bleeding and learning to care for their new baby in view of a room full of strangers and any tom, dick or harry who fancies visiting them. I have had 4 DC and it is my idea of hell.

elizaregina Mon 07-Jan-13 21:15:53

you poor thing, i was desperate for private room but the MW told me in that partiucalr ward they were a rip off as not sound insulated she was right - the couple in there you could hear everything and the baby screaming so she must have been able to also hear ours.

i however had a miraculoulsy wonderful night - all babies actually were was the mum talking at NORMAL VOLUME as though it were the middle of the day that was the NIGHTMARE...

v v painful....

elizaregina Mon 07-Jan-13 21:17:35


we expect people who talk in the middle of the night to do so quilety, we expect if you are allowed x guests = then only allow, ask x guests to come in - AFTER WASHING THIER HANDS AND ALCHOL GELLing....

basic human kindness to each other after such a thing as labour or section....

turkeyboots Mon 07-Jan-13 21:23:35

Had horrible time on PN ward first time round. Lady opposite kept complaining about everything, and yelling "and I know very high up people in this hospital"! Didn't do her any favors with midwifes.

I was another who had to deal with other peoples guests, and cubicles were so small that they pushed into mine and u couldn't get to my bag.

And ward had 46 women on it. When one baby cried, it went round like a Mexican wave. I paid £75 for a private room for 3 nights second time round. Was bliss.

StepfordWannabe Mon 07-Jan-13 21:33:17

On my first (high on morphine) night post-section, the angry Russian woman next to me watched her recorded labour and delivery at full volume. I felt like I was going through it myself! Awful stuff.

The next four nights were fine tbh, angry Russian went home next day and the 5 others on the ward were lovely. It was the height of the swine flu epidemic though so no visitors were allowed which was blissful! Earplugs and eye mask are indispensable ;)

Shattereddreams Mon 07-Jan-13 21:38:30

With DC 1 I didn't get to the antenatal ward till midnight it was full. I stayed on delivery with DH. I got no dinner or breakfast tho.

With DC2 I had a section so had to stay in. Room of 4. Cubicle 1 very young girl ignoring baby on mobile or tv whole time. Cubicle 2 young girl who refused to try for a poo. Endless poo conversation with everyone. Loudly. Cubicle 3 an Afro carribean lady whose culture seemed to demand 15 women fussing over her 8am to 10pm ignoring visiting hours. LOUD FUCKERS. She refused to let them remove catheter she had no intention of getting out the bed whatsoever.
All of them were bottle feeding.
I was breastfeeding. At about 11 pm the midwives bustled into the ward, picked up my case and wheeled me out in a frenzy no explanation.
They took me to a side room and said I needed a chance to latch and bond. Then they gave me a lovely jab in the arse and I slept for 10 hours.

Had to go back in ward next day but the others had all gone and no one else ever arrived.

Congrats. What did you have?

TameGaloot Mon 07-Jan-13 21:41:02

When I was in with my first we had to barricade ourselves in (or our husbands did) at visiting time as there was a man wielding a weapon threatening to come in as he wanted his baby and 'the stupid bitch' (his wife) shouldn't have it

Shattered, that sounds amazing, what did they give you?

FrameyMcFrame Mon 07-Jan-13 21:53:38

After just delivering my baby and feeling very nauseous I arrived on the postnatal ward to be greeted by the 4 family members of the lady in the next bed along eating fish and chips. which stank the room out good and proper. Couldn't open the window for fear that the babies would get cold!

Steth Mon 07-Jan-13 21:55:21

I had DS at 3am and went onto labour ward at 5am, bed across from me had a girl who spent the entire time on her mobile talking about this person and that person who 'dissed her' and she wasn't bovered blah blah for about 4hrs, then her DP turned up and started arguing about the babys name, then they spent the time discussing how he would sneak past security that night to sleep with her!

Woman next to me had her DC's cot jammed against my bed so I could only get out on 1 side. Midwife's were all really mean and totally unsympathetic. I was crying from lack of sleep and she shouted at me "whats wrong with you!"
I was so sleep deprived from noisy ward at night and constast stream of visitors to every bed during the day. MW's kept whipping back my curtain when I was trying to get some privacy to breastfeed. The worst was when i had my legs spread having my stitches checked and another MW whips back the curtain to my fanny is on full display to the visitors at the bed cross from me..........never again!!! I am due this week and will be requesting a private room or check out asap

Meglet Mon 07-Jan-13 21:59:48

My 3 nights on the PN ward with DS after an EMCS were pretty much the worst 3 days of my life. All the noise, lack of support from midwives and pain have stayed with me for 6yrs now sad.

Second time around I acted like a right diva and got a private room and the midwives to help me, so much better.

Shattereddreams Mon 07-Jan-13 22:00:47

Maggie I have no idea!
I'd delivered at midnight and arrived on ward at 5 am so I reckon they took pity on my total lack of sleep.

Although I mainly had lovely midwives there was one who was a compete cow and the contrast was startling.

scooterchik Mon 07-Jan-13 22:12:44

Congratulations! When i was in the PN ward in Homerton Hospital a woman who had just given birth was brought into the bed next to me and had her friend on hand with takeaway chicken and chips and was munching on them like there was no tomorrow. It was the most revolting attack on my senses...I was so relieved when she was finished and got moved to a side room that night. Free for me as I'm a nurse! But usually £70...

ledkr Mon 07-Jan-13 22:17:48

I was so lucky with my last baby now nearly two. There was just me and another woman and we got on really well and had a giggle. We even synced our babies feeds so we could sleep without one if them waking up. Only fly on the ointment was the stupid domestic who crashed in at 6am to change our bloody water jugs putting all the lights on in the ward and yelling "morning ladies"
I had to go back in with her later as she had a cleft palate. I was beside myself and naturally keeping in touch with family by phone. A domestic who was fresh from jezzer Kyle shouted at me for stealing electricity from them cos I was charging my mobile.

Runningblue Mon 07-Jan-13 22:44:02

Ear plugs, eye mask and an iPod with ear phones. Just have to block out the... In my case ... Screaming unattended baby in the next cubicle, the woman watching telly full blast after midnight,then snoring for England, and blah de blah. Ask, ask ask about the private room!

Congratulations and good luck for a speedy homecoming

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