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Any doctors here who can advise me on Bishop Score?

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newbie6 Mon 07-Jan-13 15:59:01


I am a type 1 diabetic and am being induced on Thurs when I will be 38 + 3. My diabetes has been well controlled throughout and I have had a good pregnancy. I have been told my Bishop Score is 3, they didn't volunteer the info....I asked! I've read that scores below 8 are not great and your induction is likely to fail therefore ending up in emergency section which in all honesty is my worse scenario. Should I ask them to examine me again before they start the induction process on Thurs and if my Bishop score is still low, should I request a planned c section? I was last examined last Thursday so not sure how likely things may have changed since then? I did ask my consultant if they would re examine me before they start the induction on Thursday but she said probably not as unlikely anything will have changed from last time and they will only re examine me after the first pessary has been given?

Appreciate anyone with experience of this?


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