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Private caesarian at uclh..anyone had one?

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Pinkponk1 Fri 04-Jan-13 16:19:25

Hi I have been told I can try a vbac or trial of scar with my second baby due in may. However I'm quite worried about that option given my first scar (after emcs for ds) feels dodgy 2 years later. Went to see a consultant for issue with pain around scar before I got pregnant and seems to be caused by adhesions. Being worried my scar might not hold up to a vbac thought if explore an elective casarian..anyone had one at uclh fitzrovia suite and know which consultants might be good. Any downsides to private at uclh?

Also does anyone know if you have an nhs elective casarean at uclh whether you get a consultant or a registrar?

Thanks for any advice x

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