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Any tips for ELCS? Nervous!!!

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PipIsOutNow Thu 03-Jan-13 13:18:18

So my VBAC has gone out the window due to high bp and I've been booked it for a section next Friday. Just wondering if anyone has any tips/experiences? My first birth ended in EMCS due to fetal distress so hoping the whole thing will be a lot calmer than last time anyway!

shelley72 Thu 03-Jan-13 16:11:39

i have heard that an ELCS is a much more relaxed, calm experience, and you wont be tired from labour either. the only things i can remember or think of - in no particular order - take a nice comfy pillow (as hospitals never provide enough), big pants that dont aggrevate the scar, i wore a nightdress for the first night as i was still catheterised and so pj bottoms weren't an option. lots of lovely food for afterwards (we had a kitchen where we could make/eat what we fancied), magazines / something to read / occupy yourself in case you have to wait if and EMCS comes in before you, peppermint tea for the painful trapped wind. arnica tablets to help swelling/bruising go down. keep on top of pain relief (even if you dont think you need it). maybe some music you like for theatre?

i had an ELCS and i was dreading it, for me it was the worst possible outcome, or so i thought. as it turned out it was a very calm experience, the theatre staff were lovely and chatty and it felt like a happy time. which of course it should.

good luck with your new baby smile

FlojoHoHoHo Thu 03-Jan-13 16:14:51

What shelley said.
I also asked to be catherised in theatre instead once I'd had my spinal, as I was terrified of having that tube put up there.

bamboobutton Thu 03-Jan-13 16:19:14

An elcs is a breeze compared to an emcs. You'll wait in a ward, could be maternity, i can't remember, then you will be taken down to a prep room where you will have a spinal block put in and a canula. Then you will be taken into theatre.

Its all relaxed and much calmer, there could be music playing and you can chat to the theatre staff.

When it's all done you are wheeled into recovery for a bit then you are taken up to maternity ward.

turkeyboots Thu 03-Jan-13 16:29:45

I've had two ELCS - elective in name only as there was no way the hospital were capable of delivering DD who was breech normally. No-one had ever done it!

They are very calm, there is loads of waiting round as any emergencies go first. So either book an early slot, or if its first-come-first-served, get there early.

Cather went in after spinal/eqidural which was fine.

Spinal itsellf is the worst thing, but is totally bearable. I coped better second time round with DH out of the room. First time I was leant against him for it and rather than being comforting, it make me even more tense.

Afterwards, bring slippers which slide on. If you can get a private room, do and enjoy a few days rest before you go home to two DC!

MerryMarigold Thu 03-Jan-13 16:36:32

I had an ELCS and thought it was a wonderful experience. If they don't usually, ask to hold baby while they are removing placenta and stitching you up. You won't notice a thing if you have the baby (but not all hospitals naturally do this). Also, get dh to bring soup or something for you. I was booked in for a 9am C-section. Eventually had it at 2.30pm so missed breakfast and lunch (fasting). Ate sandwich around 4pm and puked it up. Missed dinner cos on labour ward. Friend sent soup for me and it was a lifesaver!!

Take lots of pics.

You may be a bit of a 'zoned out' for a couple of hours afterwards...(may have been low blood sugar though as I had gestational diabetes and then no food for ages).

RhubarbCrumbled Thu 03-Jan-13 17:10:23

I've just been booked for my ELCS next Wednesday (still might VBAC but it's looking unlikely). All the tips are really useful! Good luck for Friday Pip!

turkeyboots Thu 03-Jan-13 17:22:17

Oh, and I founds second time round more painful afterwards. So don't be shy of asking for more pain relief if needed. They can usually give you more than the minimum offered.

Pandasandmonkeys Thu 03-Jan-13 17:49:06

I had to have a planned section due to baby in transverse position with no budging him round grin( although I was devastated to be having a section, it was very calm and the theatre staff could not have been more supportive - I also had an amazing midwife who stuck up for me the whole time, even telling the dr off for being too rough when doing my spinal. She even asked my permission to be the first person to hold my baby, she was going to do it anyway bit I thought it was so thoughtful of her to ask.
Like the others have said, ask for all the pain meds you can have afterwards - I'd be wary of morphine thou as I blacked out while holding baby when I had it. If you need it then don't be alone with your baby till it wears off a little.
Take a dressing gown as you'll be walking to theatre in an open backed hospital thingy. Ask to see your baby ASAP. I didn't know you needed to ask so didn't see my DS til he was 10mins old - when the staff were ready to bring him to me- he was a bit poorly when he came out so some of that time was spent helping him

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