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Anyone successfully been granted an early induction at around 37-38 weeks?

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Queenmarigold Sun 06-Jan-13 21:16:18

Am 36 weeks with twins. I have same symptoms as you - constant bh, totally incapacitated. 37 weeks is nice guidelines for twin induction- if I were you I'd go to your consultant and beg for induction based on clinical guidelines.

PipIsOutNow Wed 02-Jan-13 13:28:57

Ah well, after all that my bp is so high I've been admitted with a view to giving me a section within the next few days. Bang goes my VBAC sad

BumgrapesofWrath Tue 01-Jan-13 01:24:47

I've just been induced at exactly 38 weeks for having a previous shoulder dystocia and having a big baby. This was agreed with the consultant.

If you can just hold on a little bit longer I'd try if I were you, as an early induction is not always easy.

Pooka Tue 01-Jan-13 01:11:51

I have a friend who has had two planned c-sections (pre existing medical issues with her). The first was at 39 weeks. Her second was at 38 weeks because her consultant was going on holiday or was otherwise booked/engaged the following week. She said that while her dc2 was as big a week earlier as dc1 (9 pounds isn't), he just wasn't as ready, and had more difficulty feeding and slight breathing difficulties in first few days. She's always regretted pushing for a week earlier.

Of course, this is just one person I know and it may be eminently sensible discussing with your consultant. Just wanted to echo what melody said about really the baby being better in for as long as possible. While 37 weeks is term, term itself is a pretty loose concept and where there isn't medical urgency, a consultant may be cautious regarding early induction.

uggmum Tue 01-Jan-13 01:07:34

I was induced at 38 weeks due to spd and diabetes. My consultant was lovely and said I'd suffered enough.

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Tue 01-Jan-13 01:02:54

I had a sweep at 36+6 (37 weeks fell on a Saturday and I was Consultant led so couldn't see a MW) and began being induced at 37+5. They were far more willing to bring me in and put me on a morphine drip than induce me so you may have a hard time getting them to agree to it.

I had reflux, SPD, itch of pregnancy, subluxing joints, tachycardia, Constant sickness to the point of anti-emetic injections every day and a host of other problems.

If I could go back and do it again, I wouldn't have the induction and would have waited, in the end it brought about it's own problems.

Good luck, I know how it feels to feel the way you do right now, I started thread after thread at the time, I was in such a state.


newbie6 Tue 01-Jan-13 00:53:20

I'm a type 1 diabetic and am offered induction at 38 weeks so whilst you are not diabetic, I don't see why they can't offer you an induction. They say baby is term at 37 weeks so I think you should try and make them understand how you are feeling as I have been v healthy throughout my pregnancy and controlled my diabetes really well so reckon they wouldn't induce me if they felt the baby was at risk as they have no need to?

Good luck!

PipIsOutNow Mon 31-Dec-12 14:31:28

Thanks both. Im just completely drained and worn out by the whole thing. We were going to have a 3rd child but after having such a horrendous pregnancy this time we've both decided there's no way I can go through this again. I'm in agony 24/7. I just feel like a complete whinge bag and I'm sure my dp is fed up too. I would never want to have the baby before 37 weeks as I'd rather suffer than put his health at risk. Maybe a compromise at 38 weeks will work?!! I hope my consultant is feeling sympathetic on Wednesday, maybe I'll take him a mince pie!

MrsJSC Mon 31-Dec-12 14:03:09

Sounds like you are having a rough old time of it.
I'm 38 weeks on Friday with baby no.3. I want to be induced too (to prevent 3rd third degree tear) & Midwife tried sweep at 37 weeks but as baby's head wasn't in my pelvis (she's curled up) couldn't do anything. After first baby subsequent babies don't necessarily engage until labour. Not sure yet what else they can do also going to see consultant on wed (don't want c-section). Sorry no help but your not alone and keep talking.
Good luck

Melody3boys Mon 31-Dec-12 13:29:36

I've not got any experience of this but I know pregnancy can be a truly misreable time sometimes and your situation sounds pretty grim. TBH I think baby is better in than out for the time being. Maybe once you get to 37 weeks things may be different but as far as I'm aware all the research points towards 39 weeks being safest (although I am only talking from my CS experience - the earliest I've had an ELCS is 39 weeks 0 days).

I'm sure there are many people here who have far more experience than me of early inductions and premature babies etc.

I just wanted to post to share my sympathies (I hate pregnancy at the best of times) and to bump your post up!


PipIsOutNow Mon 31-Dec-12 09:26:27

Bit of a long story so will try and keep it brief.

I'm 35+4 weeks with my second baby. First pregnancy I developed pre eclampsia and was induced at 37 weeks which ended in an EMCS due to fetal distress. Pregnancy was text book apart from that, found it really easy.

This time round I have found the whole pregnancy absolutely awful. Suffering from SPD, severe acid reflux/heartburn, was admitted at 27 weeks with pulse of 130 and shortness of breath, baby is measuring 4 weeks larger than dates (have been tested for GD and neg thank goodness), I have a high volume of fluid around baby which is what's causing the shortness if breath, was admitted at 32 due to high risk of pre term labour as I was contracting. They gave me steroids and tablets to calm down my uterus and was sent home on strict rest. I have been 'resting' ever since and been contracting (stronger than braxton hicks but not as strong as actual contractions) all day every day ever since. Some days are really bad others are ok but I literally cannot do ANYTHING, even loading the washing machine, without ending up with really intense tightenings. I'm so fed up. I can't walk, I'm not sleeping, I'm crying every day.

I have a consultant appointment on Wednesday and was wondering what my chances are of an early induction? I have a lovely consultant who's pretty open to agreeing to what I want if it's safe of course but does anyone have any experience of induction being granted under these circumstances? Obviously I want what's best for the baby which is why I want to wait until he's at least term but I really can't bear to think that I may potentially have another 7 weeks of feeling like this.

Thanks to anyone who read this far.

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