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Being induced - horrendous prostin pains!!

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SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Sat 29-Dec-12 12:01:44

Congratulations! grin

Nishky Fri 28-Dec-12 14:10:36


BumgrapesofWrath Fri 28-Dec-12 14:07:46

It wasn't - DS2 was born this morning 8.02am!

CatPussRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 28-Dec-12 01:08:32

I'm with you OP! Prostin pains are the pits. Nothing like proper contractions! I was induced twice. Horrid! I also had Temazipam. I hope everything is going well for you. It wont be long now... smile

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 27-Dec-12 23:20:48

Thanks schro - I think I might accept the pethadine. Bit frightened of taking it, but I feel so tired...

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Thu 27-Dec-12 23:16:45

I had horrible prostin pains as well, a warm bath helped a little.
You should maybe take the pethidene in the hope to get some sleep before it all kicks off, they gave me temazepam to help me sleep, maybe that's an option?

Good luck and hope it geta better.

BumgrapesofWrath Thu 27-Dec-12 23:02:07

Been induced today with DC2. Had prostin gel twice and my womb has gone into overdrive!! DH was supposed to go home, but think they've took pity and we've been admitted to delivery.

Been checked and only 2cm dilated. Worse pain than my first labour. Feel a bit rotten, and considering having some pethadine to help me sleep.

Worst thing is is I have been contracting every minute for a minute and all it is is a reaction to the gel, they aren't really effective.

Midwife is going to break waters at 6am if nothing happens overnight...

Any encouraging words? Advice?

If I'd have known it would be this bad I'd have seriously considered caesarian.

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