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First period 9 weeks after birth... Large placenta-like clot

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GingerJulep Fri 28-Dec-12 11:12:01

I had this for several months after an (v early pill) abortion. Fully expecting it after this (planned and hopefully resulting in baby) pregnancy.

Read up on it back in those dark days and it seemed to be normal.

Obviously you could always 'catch' a few and take to docs in a jar or something if worried?

TBH as I felt fine (in the circs) otherwise I didn't bother.

sammyleh Thu 27-Dec-12 13:57:28

Hi all,

Had my little girl 9 weeks ago and had my first period this week. Very heavy and dark red (sorry for the graphic details) but when I went to the loo to change my pad yesterday, I noticed that there was a Large clot very similar to what I had with my lochia. I did have ragged membranes and saw them come out over the 6 weeks of post partum bleeding and was in and out of the doctors/midwives being checked. I didn't have any symptoms of retained placenta or infection so thought it was all over and done with once my lochia had stopped. Anyone else experience this? I feel well and not massively worried but just wondered if I'm alone with this one? Xx

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