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who'll look after my first?

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talie Sun 11-Jan-04 11:36:55

I've recently moved to a new area and don't know anyone here. My friends and family live a good distance away from me.

I'm beginning to worry about who I can get to look after my dd (20 mnths) when I go into labour. I would hate for it to be a complete stranger as she is quite shy. She was six weeks early and came quite quickly so I'm not sure my friends/family would make it here in time.

Any suggestions please?

elena2 Sun 11-Jan-04 12:50:39

Hi Talie
Can any of your friends/family come and stay with you for the weeks leading up to your due date?

Dinny Sun 11-Jan-04 13:12:46

Hi, Talie, I'm thinking the same myself. DD is same age as your dd, and she was also early and a fast labour.

I am thinking of A - a home birth with a doula, so dh can be with dd. Or B - a hospital birth with a doula. I just don't think any family/friends could get to us fast enough.
Not sure how to find a doula, am going to investigate. Dinny

popsycal Sun 11-Jan-04 13:13:49

dinny - pupuce is a doula who posts on here....
see if you can speak to her!
good luck

Dinny Sun 11-Jan-04 13:24:46

Oh, thanks - forgot that. Will ask her about it. Hoping a doula will help me bf too - I failed miserably last time.

Talie, some hospitals have family delivery suites too - I'm sure ours did. Hope I'm not just imagining that with demented pregnancy brain!

cas1968 Thu 15-Jan-04 22:15:51

There is no reason why she can't go with you to the hospital. The mw's are used to it. dh/dp can entertain her. A lot of hospitals have a creche / play area on childrens ward.


talie Mon 19-Jan-04 18:26:01

Thanks for your help.

collision Tue 20-Jan-04 21:17:17

Another thought is to see if there are any MN's around the area where you live. They seem like a friendly bunch and if you got friendly with one you might be able to call on her in an emergency!!!

twiglett Tue 20-Jan-04 21:26:13

message withdrawn

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