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monkeytrousers Thu 13-Apr-06 23:14:53

I know vaguely that I had tears front and back when delivering DS but nothing as mentioned about 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree tears. As I know what a 3rd degree tear is i can say I definitely didn't have one of those but...and turn away now if your squeamish...I recently had a look (DS is 18 months) and well it's a mess down there, literally unrecognisable IYSWIM. Is this normal?

monkeytrousers Thu 13-Apr-06 23:15:16

Nothing was mentioned, I mean

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 08:43:22

Too gruesome?

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 08:51:24

Is this an unknown taboo on Mumsnet, or something?

pupuce Fri 14-Apr-06 08:52:27

no LOL
But I'm not sure what to say....

Milliways Fri 14-Apr-06 08:54:58

After 4 children, A friend was examined by a doctor who proclaimed "Looks like you've got a map of the underground here!"

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 08:56:32

Well I could be more specific but I'm not sure if I dare...

7up Fri 14-Apr-06 08:58:09

ive got a scar down there between my a**e and f*y that happened from birth of first boy and dodgy stitching by a trainee!

Squarer Fri 14-Apr-06 08:59:23

Mines a shadow of its former self. Well a shadow makes it somehow seems small and unoticeable, so that's probably an inappropriate euphemism for what I mean. I recognise it, but not as I once knew it
Anyway, I have an appointment at the hospital soon for someone else to have a look

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 08:59:30

I'm not too bothered about it really as it's just cosmetic. I do my kegels regularly so there's not problems internally. I just wondered if this was common. DS was 10lbs 4 at birth by the way, with a big head circumference..hence..

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:00:27

Really Squarer? For this problem specifically?

ItalianJob Fri 14-Apr-06 09:01:30

I've never dared look , I know I had tons of stitches, but hopefully it doesn't look that grim as the mws kept telling me what a beautiful neat line of stitches I had (it was someone from the surgical team who did them, which I didn't realise until I heard them come up to "debrief" the girl in the next bed after her ECS!

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:02:35

What it seems to me is that I had a tear in my labia and it's now cleft, if that makes sense. Plus the tear at the back doesn't seem to have been stitched up very much at all.

I'm wondering if the doc who did it was getting their own back for DS crapping all over then the moment he made an appearance.

Squarer Fri 14-Apr-06 09:03:05

Sort of. Part of a set of problems really - some of those involving kegels, and checking out if that bit hanging out really is my bladder.
Had breakfast yet?

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:05:23

LOL, I'm not squeemish.

Squarer Fri 14-Apr-06 09:08:27

My stitching work was good on the outside - the problem appears to be that due to my ridiculously fast delivery in the end, the little monkey brought the lot with him - the stitching on the inside was not so great (but I suppose it's kind of difficult to see what you're doing up there!)

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:14:02

Oh, yes it probably is, how awful. Is it uncomfortable?

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:15:50

pelvic organ prolapse

Squarer Fri 14-Apr-06 09:19:34

It can be... that's why I decided I had to subject my minge to someone elses scrutiny! You have to believe me, I really didn't want anyone looking at it, but when you want to rip the whole lot off when you're on a walk it aint good!
Is yours a purely visual thing then?
Hey! Lets swap photos!!! (joke)

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:36:24

Yes..I can see a lot more than I used to be able to, put it that way [grimace]

I have a cross trainer and when I'm on it I do kegels at the same time, until they start to ache. I decided to do this then I accidentally gave birth to my mooncup whilst blowing up a particularly stubborn balloon at DS's 1st birthday party

monkeytrousers Fri 14-Apr-06 09:38:51

And if anyone joins this thread with a 'bucket' joke I will track them down and poke their eyes out!

Squarer Fri 14-Apr-06 09:51:09

I don't know any good bucket jokes sadly

That's another thing though.... since, well, y'know... things changed, tampons are no longer a viable option and therefore will be changing to the Mumsnetcup very shortly...

I bet virtually everyones bits change for the worse after birth. Not the thing everyone admits to though. And it took you 18 months to have a look!

kbaby Tue 18-Apr-06 14:31:57

I had quite a few stiches from tearing. Not 3d degree but pretty bad. I looked not long ago as they still ache if I stand for 2 long( dd is 23 months) ive got a cleft lip and its slightly disfigured I also have problems keeping tampons in.
As im about to go through it all again ill wait and see what happens after this one.
I know a woman who had her stitches redone a few years later.

Psychobabble Tue 18-Apr-06 14:38:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Normsnockers Tue 18-Apr-06 14:39:13

Message withdrawn

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