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experiences of induction, first dc?

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yuletopian99 Sun 23-Dec-12 11:20:14

Hi all,
I'm currently 40+8 and have gone through the anxious, pissed off, and guilty stages and am now more or less accepting induction is looking likely after Christmas.

Sweep tomorrow and no induction date booked yet, but not miserable about it if it comes to that as it would end the waiting. HOWEVER what is it likely to be like? Have heard positive and negative stories so just looking for people's experiences really so I can mentally prepare...

NAR4 Sun 30-Dec-12 23:21:41

Personal experience;
sweep was very uncomfortable/painful and started strong period type pains that went on for about 12 hours, but no labour,
gel started off my first three births, but did need several attempts, one of them over several days,
fourth time my waters broke but only period type pain still after 15 hours so was given a drip to induce contractions, intense pain and ended up with an epidural and very long labour (38 hours).

Didn't put me off though because expecting my fifth child in Feb. Hope I don't need to be induced again, but am expecting I will.

kid Sun 30-Dec-12 23:17:01

congratulations, glad you had a good experience. Enjoy the sleepless nights and lots of cuddles.

funchum8am Sun 30-Dec-12 22:58:22

Congratulations! Enjoy your gorgeous baby boy smile

Flisspaps Sun 30-Dec-12 21:51:27

Congratulations grin

MayimBialik Sun 30-Dec-12 03:29:07

I haven't read all the responses but just skimmed a few saying they had to be on their back because of monitoring - not the case. I stood up all the way through my active labour (until pushing) despite monitoring. I obviously couldn't walk far due to being hooked up to drip and monitor but felt that the standing up moved things along quickly - 0 to pushing in 4.5 hours!

No complaints about being induced at all. Didn't have epidural and last bit was horrendously painful but that's childbirth for ya wink. If I could do things differently I'd make sure I stayed standing up or go on all fours to push to reduce tearing. Although DS was a big baby so not sure how much it would have helped.

HarlettHoHoHoScara Sun 30-Dec-12 03:05:53

Just saw thus thread and was about to add my experience but I see it's not necessary grin

Congratulations! And what a lovely name smile

yuletopian99 Sun 30-Dec-12 02:58:33

Didn't take anything in the end! Sitting on induction ward waiting for drugs and being monitored for initial readings when my waters broke and an hour later confirmed in active labour. Oscar Blake born 6 hours later, g&a and a diamorphine jab as the early stage was quite fierce. 8lb 7oz and a small cut as his head was a bit big but got home today so everyone happy and let the sleepless nights commence!

yuletopian99 Wed 26-Dec-12 16:06:05

Am hoping it won't take much. Have been in this morning for a check as hindwaters went in the night and contracting every 6-7mins but only 1-2cm dilated still..

One way or another will have him in the next day or so! Exciting and scary at the same time..

saladcreamwitheverything Mon 24-Dec-12 22:09:52

I was induced at 41+5, he would still be there now i think! I'd been having mild contractions for 12 hours previous, pessary at 3pm, contractions got stronger, got offered paracetamol, had a hot whirlpool bath, got out to have a wee and lost the pessary down the bog, waters broke then contractions slowed down so ended up having drip. DS was born at lunchtime so about 22 hours later. I ended up with a 3b tear. Very knackering and I will be having an epidural or c-section next time!

Flisspaps Mon 24-Dec-12 21:56:02

I am glad you've all been told by your MWs smile

Indeed, Ushy, you are right hence my note about making an informed decision. Unfortunately, many women are presented with induction as a fait accompli, without any real discussion of the risks/benefits of expectant management or induction. So many times I've read on here that women have been bullied into induction or told 'your baby will die if you go over 41 weeks' when there is no medical evidence to back it up.

Anyway, yule fingers crossed that you go into spontaneous labour before 27th anyway (far less fuss!) grin If not, fingers crossed for just the tiniest dot of prostaglandin being needed before a sneeze birth and home in time for tea!

yuletopian99 Mon 24-Dec-12 16:52:59

The midwife I saw today was very open about it not being compulsory or always necessary, but tbh I do want him out and healthy asap rather than the agonizing wait! (plus the immense nagging from all sides..)

ThedementedPenguin Mon 24-Dec-12 15:15:43

Flisspaps I was asked do I want an induction booked, and I agreed as being already 4 days over was killing me and I wanted it over. I do agree that everyone should be told all facts but personally I wanted it over ASAP.

Ushy Mon 24-Dec-12 14:44:35

Flisspaps I agree that you don't have to have induction but the problem is that really awful outcomes (i.e. placental problems which can be catastrophic for the baby) start to get commoner once post maturity sets in.

It's a little fact that sometimes get omitted from the induction threads. You are right, though, the decision is down to the individual.

Flisspaps Mon 24-Dec-12 12:57:20

I say this on all induction threads I am on - you don't have to have induction if you choose not to (many women don't seem to be told there is a choice, it's put across as induction is booked for X date and that's final).

It is up to you to make an informed decision, and choose if it is right for you and your baby smile

yuletopian99 Mon 24-Dec-12 11:56:21

Thanks, lots to think about! Sounds like drug free labour tends to go by the board for most inductions, which is a shame but if that's what it takes! I've been told epidural might not work well due to me having scoleosis, so will have to wait and see..

Have had a sweep today and told I'm 1cm so crossing everything it'll kick off naturally, but otherwise booked in for the 27th. Scared but nice to think there's an end in sight!

funchum8am Mon 24-Dec-12 04:14:39

sorry about the typos! 'wasn't dilated', 'paracetamol' and 'more DCs' grin

funchum8am Mon 24-Dec-12 04:13:14

I have made a formal complaint about my induction. Make sure you are clear about what pain relief, if any, you can have prior to going to the labour ward. I was in agony with contraction type pains every 2 mins lasting 45 seconds but as cervix washy dilated I was only allowed paraxetr. DH had been sent home as I was in the antenatal ward (as not actually in labour) and midwives totally unhelpful. I don't think I can accept induction again if I have Moe DCs sad . But! many people have good induction experiences, I was just unlucky. Ended up having epidural, episiotomy and forceps after 3 days of labour and once they finally let me go to the labour ward my experience was very positive, it was just the induction part that was horrible.

BigW Mon 24-Dec-12 01:22:46

I was induced due to maconium in my waters at 39+6 to speed things up after being in natural labour for about 20 hours. Ended with a c-section after a further 12 hours due to a failure to progress.

If I were going through the experience again, I would get the epidural before that drip went anywhere near me!

Whiteshoes Mon 24-Dec-12 01:06:01

Again, another person who was induced due to my waters breaking, so a slightly different scenario. In fact, I think I went into labour alongside the drip, so I didn't have the pessary at all. I thought it was fab! I'm sure it speeded it up, and I managed on tens, a little bit ofhypno birthing and gas and air. Went into hospital at 22.30, had baby by lunchtime. Efficient!

Princesspond Mon 24-Dec-12 00:45:07

My circumstances were different to yours, but i'd say positive outcome as dd delivered naturally (eventually)!

My waters starting leaking at 38 weeks, but labour didn't start. Had long drawn out induction 1x pessary at 8am didn't work, syntocinon drip started at 8pm awake all night in labour had membranes broken about 2 am. By 6 am was 2-3cm dilated thought sod this I'm having an epidural so I can get some rest and have the energy to push the baby out. Was fully dilated by 10.30 2 hours (!) pushing dd was born at 12.30.

My next delivery was much faster and I'd say the natural contractions were far more manageable than the induced ones so just keep an open mind and don't rule out having an epidural if u have to have syntocin.

Good luck, once you hold your baby in your
arms that's all that matters, it's just fab smile

supadupapupascupa Mon 24-Dec-12 00:43:10

I had an emergency induction with my first. Was very 'busy' in the room as DS wasn't happy. I had an epidural because it bloody hurt, but managed absolutely fine. All was good in the end.
My second was also induced but wasn't an emergency and was a really positive experience. I had the epidural again but earlier in the process and again had no problems.
Good luck to you OP xx

ThedementedPenguin Mon 24-Dec-12 00:37:18

I was induced with my son. Went in on Thursday morning 6am had pessary at 7 then sweep at 1 ish then another pessary at 8pm. Nothing happened.

Next day got waters broken and drip started my ds was born at 10.03 pm.

I managed on Gas and air, and one diamorphine which I recommend.

They say pain is worse because of drip but after diamorphine I barely felt anything.

I preferred this type as I felt I was more in control although I dreaded it for weeks before hand.

Go in open minded to everything. My son was 7lb 7oz and was born with his hand by his face I needed no stitches, and didn't need help to push.

Being induced means you get monitored, this does not mean lying down the whole time, I sat on a rocking chair for a bit and they moved bed until it was like a chair so I wasn't lying down.

weegiemum Mon 24-Dec-12 00:27:04

I was induced with my dc3, but at 36+6 so they said it would be like an induction for dc1.

I got pessaries at 6am but promptly fell back to sleep so was horizontal for 3 hours, midwives were sure that helped, mine said she always advised going to the loo before a pessary.

Was twanging by 9, hurting by 11, in regular labour by 1, taken to delivery suite at 4, dd2 was born at 6.30.

Contractions felt ok. I had a drip with dd1, it made then sharp, short and, IMO, ineffective. The pessary with dd2 put me into the natural labour I had with ds (dc2).

I hope it goes well for you in the next few days. All my babies were early, so I don't know what it's like to go over, but I'm praying you'll meet your dc very, very soon!!

BumgrapesofWrath Mon 24-Dec-12 00:12:25

I had a successful first induction!

40 + 8. Waters leaking (but not gone completely).

Gel inserted 10am. Labour started about lunchtime. Established labour by early evening, DS born 8.38pm. Worse bit was 2 hours pushing, and that was nothing to do with the induction.

What helped me is I did not stop walking up and down the stairs at the hospital until labour started. I then spent the rest of my time on a birthing ball until u wanted to push.

So keep as active as you can is the key!

MerryChristMoose Sun 23-Dec-12 23:54:25

I was due 19 Dec last year but dating scan was very late (19 weeks).

Began induction on 26 Dec. Three lots of gel over the next 24 hours. Didn't progress beyond 1cm. The OB said he thought baby's head was too big and was preventing descent. He was worried I was going to have a big baby (his estimate 8lbs) and wanted to PROM but I refused.

Decided to have ELCS at 8pm on 27 Dec. DS born 9:22pm, weighing 10lbs 11oz.

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