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Encourage me with 3rd birth stories...

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comedaygoday Fri 28-Dec-12 15:33:14

Hi, hopefully can encourage you.

DS1was induced after 42 weeks. After 20 hrs, never got beyond 4 cm and he was getting distressed so had EMCS.

DS2 was a VBAC at 39 +2. Went into labour naturally. Labour slowed down when 6 cm but speeded up again after waters broken. Labour started at 5.00 Friday am and baby finally born at 3.00 Sat am. Had epidural.

DS3 - labour started at 3.00 am, born at 5.25. No pain relief, and did not need any. Lovely, easy birth

RooneyMara Thu 27-Dec-12 19:37:46

These are some lovely stories. Due my third in 10 days so hoping it will all be Ok. Thanks for sharing smile

AnathemaDevice Mon 24-Dec-12 09:44:30

Watching with interest, as DC3 is due at the end of next month. Like the OP I feel like I'm pushing my luck, having had 2 straightforward labours, but I'm feeling a little more reassured now.

Booblesonthetree Fri 21-Dec-12 20:24:56

3 babies here, 2 hospital births, 1 HB.
1st 7 hours, pethadine, no tearing at all, me out of my head for most of it grin
2nd 6ish hours, Entonox only this time, wanted a waterbirth but by the time they started running the pool I was pushing and not going anywhere!
3rd was the charm. Homebirth, me, DH and 2 midwives downstairs, DC's fast asleep upstairs. Couldn't use the entonox as I kept hitting DH with the breathing tube rather than, you know, breathing through it.. Someone took it off me in the end blush
It took 5 hours altogether and we sat watching the sun rise, on our own sofa with a brew and painkiller cuddling DD2.
I didn't need stitches for any of them and although I apparently squeeze them out quite small all are perfectly formed.
Good luck x

tanteclaire Wed 19-Dec-12 21:47:36

Birth 1 was pretty straightforward; birth 2 incredibly so but much faster. Birth 3 was the same but I was ready for it this time. In labour just over 2 hrs, 2 minutes pushing. Now ready for DC4 smile

MoonHare Wed 19-Dec-12 12:21:29

Had my 3rd on 1st Nov this year.

Was a lovely, calm, planned home birth. My mw also suggested 3rd ones could be difficult, though I think her phrase was unpredictable and often with a long latent phase and this was true for me. Baby was 12 days over and had niggled and twinged on and off for 3 weeks before arriving. Once she got going it was straightforward and quick though. Woke at 1.10am when my waters broke and she was born at 5.15am. Was 5cm dilated when mw arrived at 2am, active labour only lasted about an hour and 2nd stage was 17min - very intense but I coped with just TENS as I did with 2 previous labours. Second the poster who said she could feel baby moving down, I was very much more aware of this than previous births too.

I understand completely your 'pushing luck' feelings, I felt exactly the same about almost every aspect of my pregnancy but it was all fine. Baby arrived safe and sound, it was the easiest birth being the shortest - though 2nd stage was more painful than 2nd baby.

For comparison 1st birth was 10.5 hours, 2nd 6 hours and 3rd 4hours.

You can do it, remember a straightforward birth is normal not lucky and your body really knows what to do after 2 previous goes at it.

Best wishes.

emalushka Wed 19-Dec-12 11:48:54

More positive stories please! I'm due my 3rd in 3 months time and I'm worried. At my last birth, the midwife told me that, '3rd births are always difficult.'
Didn't stop me from going for 3 though!

sambrads Wed 19-Dec-12 11:41:35

DS was 12 hours gas and air
DD 2 hours gas and air
DD water birth water broke at 7cm and was holding my baby in 11mins gas and air.
would highly recommend a water birth as i was in no pain until my waters went.

NAR4 Wed 19-Dec-12 11:27:18

First two labours were long, painfull and back to back. Really struggled to push them out.

Third birth was 9.5 hours and wasn't really that painfull. Had no painrelief and midwifes (even though I had been induced) were still insisting I wasn't in labour when I pushed him out onto the floor (back to back again). VERY easy labour and birth and would of loved them to of all been like that.

Don't listen to people who say third births are difficult (like midwife told me) as they are all different.

BeehavingBaby Tue 18-Dec-12 21:42:02

I pretty much did sneeze and gain a baby, which would have been less of a faff if I had been on the sofa rather than out shopping, just made it back home, so house arrest from 37 weeks for me if I ever have a 4th.

jkklpu Tue 18-Dec-12 21:37:42

PS Sorry, no3 born in country with no G&A so had no pain relief.

jkklpu Tue 18-Dec-12 21:37:21

First too had G&A only, normal deliveries, 1st degree tears.
3rd ds: woke at 2.15am, waters broke, dropped 2ds at boss's house, went to hospital, ds3 born in water at 4.55am after about 7 pushing contractions; 2 stitches, which were the worst part, in fact.

Best of luck.

Aethelfleda Tue 18-Dec-12 21:32:47

Hiya. I have 3dc. All in the local hospital cos those resus teams can come in darned useful once in a while and I'm too risk averse to want a home birth myself (but don't lets derail the thread, that's just me, no judgement intended for any other mum)

Baby one was 12 hours with gas and air at the end and 30 mins shoving.

Baby two was 8 hours with "you're not in labour, don't be daft woman, go and have a curry....oh.." followed by rapidly carted into room and 20 mins of shoving. And an epesiotomy for DD2s rather large head. Yowch.

Baby 3 I wrote "pool birth please" just to lessen my worry of not being allowed into a room on the birthing suite. Turns out it was the best three words I'd ever written. First contraction 4 pm, got to hospital at 5.30 pretty well advanced, into pool at 6, baby at twenty to seven. It was relaxed, calm and controlled, I would thoroughly recommend trying a pool birth as they are naturally less interventional (and if you need extra support/pain relief or change your mind it's easy to get out).

Good luck!

amistillsexy Tue 18-Dec-12 21:23:02

Congratulations grin

I have 3 DSs. My first was natural, laboured all day at home, went to hospital during the night at 6-7cm dilated, labour slowed and Ds was eventually pushed out with gas and air after waters were broken by midwife (well, he shot out like a cork from a bottle actually grin) at about 11am.

DS2 was a home birth, mainly because I hated being in hospital. Again, I laboured all day at home, very gently, then went to bed after tea when the contractions got stronger. Midwife arrived at about 9 and told me baby would never come out if I didn't get up and get moving. I told her that was what I was hoping for! Eventually, I needed a poo, got up and went to the toilet and had to rush out of there fast as baby was coming! I didn't make it back to my room and he was born on the landing, not even enough time to get a pad down on the floor to catch him over shock. He was born just after midnight.

When it was time for DS3, I had another home birth planned, but I decided two weeks before due date that I wanted to do it 'properly'. I bought a birth pool, and got tea lights and fairy lights all round the living room. I had about a fortnight of thinking I was in labour but nothing happening, then one night I woke up about midnight and knew it was happening. We went downstairs, and I phoned the midwife while DH filled the pool and lit the lights. I got in th pool and we listened to lovely music and cuddled. When the midwives arrived they just made tea and sat and knitted. One examined me and said the baby would be born by 7.30am. I said it had better be 7, as DS2 would be awake and wanting milk at 7.30. DS3 arrived at 7am grin. It was very, very calm and wonderful. I felt in complete control, and enjoyed every minute of it. I can still remember feeling every twist and turn as DS came down the birth canal. I could tell the midwives where he was on his journey. It was very extraordinary, but I think I was just so relaxed and 'into it' that I could overcome the pain and focus on the feeling, if you see what I mean.

I hope this time is good for you, OP, and that you have a lovely experience.

Relaxation is definately the key to an easier birth!

BoomBoomBoom Tue 18-Dec-12 21:04:01

I cant help with 3rd birth stories as I'm not due my 3rd until Feb, so I'm watching this thread.

My first was ³ days ended with an epidural and vontuse and cut which ended up with infected stitches.

My second was also 3days with gas and air with a little bit of pethidine which I hated. I had no tears or cuts just a little scratch off DD's nails.

I want my second labour again but hopefully shorter.

FromHereToNextTuesday Tue 18-Dec-12 19:37:40

1st was 6hrs, no pain relief. 2nd was 30hrs and much pethedine involved. No stitches either time and both normal deliveries, however I am terrified of the prospect of doing it again!

Maybe it's a sense of "pushing my luck" with another one, or the fear of another long labour. Or will it be fantastically easy and I'll just sneeze one day on the sofa and gain a baby?

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