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stretch and sweep

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jaydeyb Tue 18-Dec-12 12:44:31

hi, i'm all new to this, was just wondering if any of you lovely ladies could shed some light, i am now 40+1 and yesterday my midwife came to do a s&s, my boy is only 3/5 engaged and he was too far back and my cervix was too tight to do the sweep, my midwife said there is nothing she can do and so shes coming xmas eve to try again and if nothing has changed i will get a date to be induced! since yesterday though i have had some blood, not alot, just a trace in my undies and when i wiped yesterday but had a little more in the night?? with her saying she couldnt do anything i didnt expect to see blood, has anyone else had this xx

flubba Tue 18-Dec-12 14:10:59

Yes, I had some (slightly gunky) blood loss after sweeps, but had been forewarned. She's probably had a poke around and dislodged stuff but if it continues, give her a call if only to put your mind at rest.

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