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Any stories about VBAC following EMCS for FTP?

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SunnyUpNorth Sun 16-Dec-12 20:04:47

I posted the following in pregnancy rather than childbirth for some reason! I would love to hear any tales one way or the other from people who have been through similar. Thanks.

I'm 39 weeks pregnant with DC2. I was induced at 41+6 with DD. I responded very quickly to the gel pessary, but had a second as wasn't dilating, then had ARM followed by syntocinon. This was over a 3 day period and eventually had an EMCS as DD was distressed, passing alot of meconium and also in all that time I never went past 3cm dilated despite having very long, intense contractions.

This time I am attempting a VBAC if I go into labour naturally but am refusing induction and have an ELCS booked for about a week overdue as a compromise. I am happy with decision as much as I can be as I feel I am at least giving myself the chance of a natural birth but avoiding the stress of last time if it doesn't happen.

So just wondering if anyone has attempted a VBAC following a similar scenario? I've heard that the chance f a successful VBAC is alot lower if the cause of the EMCS last time was to do with the mother rather than the baby. Dd was in a perfect position, I had strong contractions etc so problem was all with me rather than it being for a breech presentation etc.

Am wavering a bit on my decision in that I don't want to spend hours and hours in labour again just to have a repeat CS because for some reason I don't dilate.

wizzler Sun 16-Dec-12 20:42:24

It seems a long time ago but I had a VBAC, following EMCS.

I had pre eclampsia for both births, and was induced both times. Birth of DS sounds very similar to your experience.

For DD I had been admitted due to the pre eclampsia and after a week, was desperate to get home and agreed to be induced. I was in labour about 12 hours when she arrived.

Hope this helps ! Good luck

Maiziemonkey Mon 17-Dec-12 02:57:22

Hi I had EMCS for failure to progress with my first- he was also back to back and had cord around his neck but i had a complete stall in contractions at 5cm when it had gone quick well up until then.

Just had a vbac for my second- had it in the back of my mind that maybe I could not dilate properly so might end up with cs again but doc and hosp (st thomas') were v encouraging and I am very glad I went for it as the difference in recovery time was amazing! ( and I DID tear rather badly, still happier)

Your plan sounds good as st thomas said they would not induce someone with previous cs scar and seems to be very up to date policy-wise- go for it but prepare yourself for another cs as a possible ( I had the super big knickers in my bag in case they were needed over another scar smile)

I had some really strong ctx this time when very early on ( only 1 cm!) but they did eventually give way to the real thing. I had not wanted an epidural but changed my mind once I had been in latent stage with ctx for 3 days and I think it truly allowed me to conserve energy enough to get through the labour and push effectively at the end so have an open mind and get guidance from the midwives- which hosp are you in? good luck

SunnyUpNorth Mon 17-Dec-12 08:49:05

Thanks both.

Maizie - did you go into labour naturally first time? I'm glad it worked out this time. I would def consider an epidural of things get intense even though I am sure not being mobile could inhibit progress. But if real contractions are anything like induced ones I'll take that risk!

I had dd at Kings in Camberwell but have moved up north now so will be having this one at Warrington hospital.

I think dh and I are resigned to me going overdue and having the CS....doesn't stop me waking up every night wondering if I'm about to go into labour!

unexpectediteminbaggingarea Mon 17-Dec-12 08:58:26

I had lots of sweeps with DS and my waters broke during the 4th one at 41 + 4 so not a proper spontaneous labour but not an induction either. 48hrs later I had been 4cm for 10 hours, meconium and a terrible ctg. Had an emcs.

DD, 2yrs later, spontaneous labour at 40 + 4, a couple of hours of making a massive fuss at home biting the side of the bath mild contactions, went into hospital, was 3cm at 4am. She was born at 7, tiny tear needing a couple of stitches, home for lunch, running up and down the garden with DS the next day.

The spontaneous labour made a bit difference I think, as did the fact that DD was well positioned and almost 1lb lighter than DS.

brettgirl2 Mon 17-Dec-12 09:08:24

I replied to other thread. Yes, my friend who I refer to got to 9cm and then no further.

mayhew Mon 17-Dec-12 11:35:50

As a mw, I have seen many women with your history go on to have a straightforward vbac.

Never going past 3cm suggests that you never really got into established labour. It was basically what is known as a "failed induction". Although you appeared very overdue, your body was just not ready and would not co-operate. The artificial contractions gave you pain but no progress.

if you go into spontaneous labour this time, your chances are as good as anyone having a first labour.

SunnyUpNorth Mon 17-Dec-12 11:37:34

Thanks unexpected that is an encouraging tale. 40+4 would be ideal as that would be Christmas eve so hopefully out for Christmas day!

Quejica Mon 17-Dec-12 14:23:14

I'm stalking you now to see if you have given birth!

The contractions in my failed induction were so much worse than in my VBACs.

I had lovely gas and air in my VBACs and that was it.

In my failed induction I was in horrible pain, including down my thighs. I also had a failed epidural and pethidine.

MrsHoolie Mon 17-Dec-12 15:11:58


I have had two EMCS for FTP.

Spontaneous labour both times.....only got to 4cm both times. The first time I had the drip for a few hours and it made no difference!

I'm glad I tried and the 2nd recovery was a walk in the park compared to the 1st as I hadn't been in labour for two days before it!however I am one of those women who's cervix will not dilate despite being active/baby in good position etc etc.

You have to go with what you really want....

SunnyUpNorth Mon 17-Dec-12 16:23:48

Quejica - no news yet but I will report back when there is! Good to know natural pains were more manageable.

MrsHoolie - I am hoping that even if I go into labour and still have a section that it will be less tiring and traumatic than last time as you say. Think I'd been up for 5 nights in a row when I finally went home after dd and I remember nothing from her first few weeks I was just so tired.

SunnyUpNorth Thu 03-Jan-13 01:16:51

Thought I should come back and update this thread as it might be interesting for others in a similar position.

Well....I had a successful VBAC last Friday and now have a lovely little boy.

I was booked in for an ELCS on the Thursday morning,I would have been exactly 41 weeks. On the Wednesday I started getting labour twinges and ended up in hospital that night with contractions 4 mins apart.

On the Thursday morning I think I was slightly dilated but they said I could still go ahead with the section if I wanted. However labour ward was very busy and they said if I did want the section I wouldn't be able to be seen til at least lunchtime anyway.

This was good in a way as it took the decision out of our hands and I had no choice but to carry on contracting.

Worst bit was that morning/lunchtime as the contractions were very painful (later transpired ds had turned back to back). As labour ward was busy they couldnt move me there and so no proper pain relief. I did end up getting tramadol and paracetamol (woohoo!) which did nothing except make me feel sick and a bit spacey.

Eventually they got me a portable canister of gas and air and I struggled on until a bed became available.

Once on the labour ward I was 5cm dilated - I was really encouraged as I only got to 3 cm last time. So we agreed I would persist. Eventually got an epidural but 4 hours later was still 5cm.

Luckily-ish the epidural hasn't fully worked so I was able to move from the bed to the birth ball and bounce around a bit. I also agrees to a carefully monitored synto drip. I had to use a little bit of gas and air still but was fine. Next time they checked me I was 9-10cm!!! Couldn't actually believe it.

Eventually after an hour and a half of pushing, an episiotomy and ventouse my little boy was born on the Friday morning at 6.30.

Established labour was 16 hours.

It was long but time went quite quickly and it was amazing really. I never actually thought I would go into labour and all the way through it dh and I were expecting I wouldn't dilate and so on.

The midwives were incredible as was the registrar. We had pretty horrible midwives last time so that made a big difference to me feeling I was in safe hands.

Last time I had read loads of books inc. Hypnobirthing etc, was booked in for a home birth, wanted a birth short I had very high expectations and it couldn't have gone more wrong.

This time I had no expectations at all. I was pleased to go into labour as otherwise had I had the section I would always have been wondering if I had waited a bit longer if I would have gone into labour.

The most amazing thing of all has been the recovery. Knowing as I was being wheeled back to the post natal ward that I would be able to go home later that day and sleep in my own bed was great. Luckily so far I've been feeling fine and had no probs with the stitches or anything. It has been so much easier than the CS recovery which has made for a much nicer beginning with my newborn.

So what I'm trying to say is that it is possible to have a VBAC following FTP. It is a hard decision to make and it was taken out of my hands really with the labour ward being busy. At more than one occasion I asked for the CS when the pain was bad and I couldn't get suitable pain relief!

Good luck to anyone else in the same situation.

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