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What did you wear in hospital after the baby was born? I need links please - people have me v worried about this:-(

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Pinkflipflop Sun 16-Dec-12 18:50:56

I can't find black maternity pyjamas! A friend who gave birth said you basically throw out your pyjamas after you wear them as I will be leaking blood so badly. This really makes me feel uncomfortable: number 1, I can't really afford to buy 5/6 pairs of pyjamas to just bin after 1 wear and number 2, will I really leak blood everywhere I go? Really? Do maternity pads not stop this?

Anyone who has given birth recently, if you could tell or show me what you wore immediately afterwards I would be really grateful!

Melody3boys Mon 24-Dec-12 22:37:45

Similar clothing to stuff mentioned but I've always found Always sanitary towels far better than proper maternity pads.

Flisspaps Mon 24-Dec-12 22:54:44

I had my normal black pyjamas. I didn't notice any leaking, and I had a PPH with both babies.

I went for the black Primark knickers (5 pairs for £2.50) and wore them even when I had a catheter in.

havingastress Mon 24-Dec-12 23:02:39

PJ's bottoms from Asda - disney ones, flannelette kind of material, black. Cheap. Comfy. Bought size 14, normally a 10.

Black asda dressing gown. Same, Cheap.

You really need TENA LADY NIGHT PADS. Seriously. They are the business. I had a generous episiotomy (in the words of the MW who popped round to check me the following day!) and they really helped with both the bleeding and the pain. They are enormous though!

You only really leak big time when you first stand up after giving birth to go for a shower. Luckily my delivery room had its own shower. Literally did look as though murder had taken place in there! I never got to find out the joys of a shared bathroom, as didn't end up on a ward for recovery, but apparently they are pretty grim. I suggest flipflops!!

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