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abdominal pains 9 days after birth

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whatdoithinknow Fri 21-Dec-12 03:22:42

Hi I just came on here to ask same thing I am 5 days post delivery and getting different kind of achy pain up higher and around towards my back and also lower in belly its worse afta lying down and thought it might be beginning of infection? Wil maybe try see doc today now then as doubt wil get chance ova Christmas but my symptoms are not horrendous yet so who knows what they wil say.... Don't want it turning really infected tho!

debdee Wed 12-Dec-12 22:08:12

Been to docs today & he diagnosed an infection in uterus. As well as the pain I also had bright red bleeding back after it had gone lighter & I've also lost my appetite. Have 2 lots of antibiotics to take. It might be worth a trip to the docs for you to get checked out too, mine also hurts more when doing the things you describe but the pain is in a higher place than pgp which tends to be around pubic bone/hips/right at bottom of the back.
If it is pgp though def get physio referral, Isufferd in all 3 pregnancies so my sympathies if it is, I know its not pleasant!

Bryzoan Wed 12-Dec-12 15:29:47

Roll over in bed. Bloomin' phone must have added the inflated!

Bryzoan Wed 12-Dec-12 15:28:51

Hi - I'm 2 and a bit weeks past delivery - my afterpains have gone but I have a low abdominal pain too - especially when I move around alot / lift stuff / stand on one leg / roll overinflated bed... I'm assuming it's pelvic girdle pain. Am trying to rest where I can (with a newborn and a toddler who can't walk yet...) and hoping it will resolve. It is excruciating though - if it doesn't get any better soon I'll be asking my Gp for a physio referral.

debdee Wed 12-Dec-12 00:03:38

I was having normal after pains for a few days after which then went away. Today I woke up with a constant pain quite low down all across tummy and then off to one side that goes up a bit higher. It's sore to touch too. It's not so bad that I'm in agony but bad enough to make me recline on the sofa all day & have to go to bed for a couple of hours & so that if I move a certain way it can take my breath away. Had a totally uncomplicated delivery. Anyone any experience of this?

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