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Ins and outs for a planned c-section

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howcomes Fri 14-Dec-12 03:50:09

Congratulations to you!

NanoNinja Fri 14-Dec-12 03:01:53


LylaLils Thu 13-Dec-12 23:16:38

Congratulations. Enjoy every minute with your new born xxx

diyqueen Thu 13-Dec-12 20:50:28

Congratulations, that's wonderful!

Panzee Thu 13-Dec-12 19:13:05

Congratulations! smile

xmasevebundle Thu 13-Dec-12 18:22:54

I thought id update everyone, My waters went last wednesday (MW made a mistake)

Went into my main hospital last night he had hardly any fluid. He was born today at 2.04pm weighing 7lb 11oz.

Section was amazing, relaxing and i have some huge panties and i am having baby snuggles grin xx

elizaregina Thu 13-Dec-12 10:40:16

xmas eve

my ABSOLUTE saviours are/were an " arms reach co sleeper cot" I got it for 75 quid out of paper. I was upset I wasnt able to afford the smaller but far more expensive ones ( cots that attach or sit next to the bed with no barriers in between) but the size of mine is brilliant am soo glad i got it. When you cant sit up very well and reach etc - its priceless to be able to have the baby next to you but safe in thier own little area - it was also large enough for me to put nappies and wipes and stuff for me - without going near baby.

The other saviour was one of those large feeding pillows? large - shaped like a boomerang - again - saves any pressure on wound - was brilliant in hospital and at home, again i got it for a fiver from a baby sale. It also saves your arms having to support the weight of the baby.

Yoga pants - mothercare had them - no pressure on wound and asda cheap huge waist knickers.

Food utterly inedible....apart from white bread toast! I took in fancy noodle pots and they were a life saviour as well as lots of snacks - fig rolls ( bowl), dried fruits and prunes...

Asess how emotional you are - I had a panic attack - very very mild for a few mins when saw the theatre! Had been soo relaxed and happy 0- but suddenly being in brightly lit cold room - seeing the table etc was frightening for me.

So be prepared for that if you are not used to hosptials and theatre...however the staff soon jollied me up they were amazing...

Also bearing in mind I had a panic attack throughout my whole labour last time which was 6 hours - a few mins was nothing!

I felt alot of pressure in my head funnily enough when they were getting baby out! But no pain, you will be amazed how quickly its all over aqnd you are wrapped up in recovery, i was dreading the bit once the baby was out - but it was over sooo quickly and had no pain.

My whole experience would have been pain free except for one MW who was curt and ride and told me to get moving

By all means - move but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE as them how to move ( if they even know), go slowly and gently and no twisits...

iF I hadnt done this injury to myself - honeslty i would have been totally pain free.

i had a nasty faint on getting out of bed for the first time - lots of people on ward felt woozy too - its fine but again - a MW saying get up by yourself etc....make sure the first time yo have your partner or someone with you - and a chair close by in case you feel or do faint.

I had as everyone who has surgey does - had alot of drugs but I DEFINTALTY felt more with it - than I did on the gas and air and pethadine during my first labour....I was also far far far more with it after ....and more able to appreciate my baby as I hadnt had the slog and worry and pain and drugs of labour!!

It was glorious really being tucked up in bed with baby for two days - just me and her...i loved it!

be prepared for one hand not kwowing what the other one is doing, - one lady promised me ora morph as a back up should i need it - ( pain from turn i did), when i did need it someone else came along and said no!!! I had to argue for it....and got it....

use your own common sense....

NanoNinja Wed 12-Dec-12 15:21:31

I had an ELCS 8 weeks ago - not in the UK, though. The actual operation and stitching up were fine - enjoyable (!) even. Downside for me was that I reacted to the morphine and was nauseous for the whole day ( had section at 10 am ). Was also incredibly spaced out for 24 hours after, so not able to remember the first hours clearly.
I was let out of bed the following morning, was able to walk properly by day 3, and by day 10 felt fine doing most things. Agree that getting out of bed was the most difficult part, and that lasted for about two weeks. I had eight days in hospital, and I think that helped with recovery.
I was nil by mouth for 24 hours - they would have let me eat after about eight, but because of the nausea, I didn't want anything.
Also agree re constipation. I was fine for about ten days and then had the worse occurrence I have ever had ( and I suffer quite badly from it ). Take whatever they will give you for it...
Good luck!

teaandchocolate Tue 11-Dec-12 21:59:27

I had a elcs as DD was breech. I don't have much to add to the good advice of everyone else. I also found the experience absolutely fine and it seemed much more calm and relaxed than friends' natural births.

For me the worst bits were the spinal as I got quite nervous about it and also the morphine they gave me made me feel off my face! Was a bit wierd to be honest as I felt like I didn't know what I was talking about! It also made me itch like mad which, luckily I'd read was one of the possible side effects so I demanded antihistamine. It meant I couldn't really focus on DD being born but to be honest it doesn't bother me, me & DH just laugh at the fact that all I talked about was how hungry I was during the whole procedure!!!

I took it very easy afterwards and religiously took the drugs and my recovery was quite good I think. I was sore for a few days and getting out of bed was tough sometimes (got DH to pass DD to me at night for a feeds). However I healed well. The scar still feels odd 2 years on but is now white and no overhang!!

Oh and I also breastfed immediately really well no probs at all. In fact I'm sure all those drugs were the reason breastfeeding never hurt at all!!

noblegiraffe Tue 11-Dec-12 21:35:32

Morphine was fantastic, I look bloody great in my immediate post-birth photos, all glowing and smiley. Even in the photo where the screen is still up as they are still stitching me up, I look happy and relaxed.

I bfed in recovery and that all went well. They gave me some tea and toast then (about 3am), which was great. Apparently they shouldn't have because the next morning they were reluctant to give me breakfast as I hadn't been signed off for food until I'd pointed out I'd already eaten!

They made me get up that afternoon to have a shower and I went all wobbly and had to be wheeled back in a wheelchair which was a bit embarrassing. At 8pm my DH got sent home and I asked a midwife to change DS's nappy and was sternly told that I should be getting up and doing it myself, which I did and was ok. The main problem I found was sitting myself up in bed for feeding, and actually getting out of bed (there's a technique for swinging your legs down you need to get them to show you).

diyqueen Tue 11-Dec-12 14:47:35

I was amazed at how little I could feel - had never even had a local anaesthetic for anything before and didn't know what to expect, but was just completely numb from chest down. I think you're going into it with a really good attitude, I almost refused to accept mine was happening until a couple of days before when I just went into complete panic and terror and it ruined the birth for me really as I was just 'getting through' it. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I'd feared by the way. If you're not squeamish, do ask for the screen to be lowered or to see your baby straight after she's born - my biggest regret is that I didn't ever see dd attached to me by the cord or covered in gunk or taking her first breaths and cries (she was cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket before I really saw her), but I never thought to ask beforehand.

I was up about 7 hours after mine, and felt fantastic that day thanks to all the drugs and the relief that it was over and we were both OK. I was given oral morphine for the first 24 hours which was great and was looked after really well. I thought recovery would be a doddle! It came as a surprise to feel much worse in the days afterwards, when I had less pain relief and was expected to do everything for myself, even fetch water from the machine whenever I wanted a drink, and getting in and out of bed was agony. I was so glad to get home, everything seemed better then. Be kind to yourself and be assured that you will feel normal again (it's a disconcerting feeling to lose all your core strength and it does take time to come back). Good luck, hope it all goes really well and enjoy your new baby.

miniandfloss Tue 11-Dec-12 02:36:28

I had an elcs 2 weeks ago due to a breech baby. Whole procedure a bit surreal and I found just going with it the best way to get through it. It felt like it was all over so quickly.

I didn't find the spinal bothered me the canula in the back if the hand hurt more. I felt a bit spaced out during the whole procedure but there are people there who will talk to you all the way through it.

I was on oromorph for 24 hours after it leaves you feeling a little spaced out but I was greatful for it. Just keep on top of pain relief and pester them for it and take it religiously fir a couple of weeks when you go home even if you feel ok as the soreness can creep up up on you.

I was up the next morning and helped to the shower and then tried to be walking as much I could manage as it makes you feel so much better.

2 weeks down the line I'm still a little sore but nothing too bad, stairsxare the only things I have to take with a bit of care, bending down is still a no no as is carrying some stuff but your body let's you know immediately if you gave overdone it. Rest when you can and don't do anything you don't need to. I have found the cracked nipples of breast feeding much more painful and distressing than the c section pain!

Good luck and keep focussed on the lovely kittle bundle you'll have at the end

LylaLils Tue 11-Dec-12 01:51:41

Oh and during the section I felt absolutely fine...a little disoriented maybe but they keep you talking and let you know what's happening. I know everyone reacts differently to things but I have to say I'm so glad I didn't have to go through any labour pain. A section is controlled, calm and over within an hour! Enjoy it.

LylaLils Tue 11-Dec-12 01:46:09

I had elcs 12 weeks ago. I have to say all in all it was a great experience. Myself and the other half looked and felt as though we were off on holiday that morning! The worst part was the spinal injection which the doc had to try a couple of times but really it wasn't that bad. My son was born a few mins after but it took 40 mins to sew me back up. My boy latched on as soon as he was placed on the boob and fed without any problems. I vomited once afterwards, that was after I'd eaten a rather rank hospital sandwich (bring your own food for the love of god. No wonder I was sick) and attempted to stand up to get into the wheelchair. I felt a bit rough for a couple of hours after but nothing major. The effects of the drugs wore off pretty quick. That night when I felt I needed to change my maternity pad, I asked to nurse to help me to the toilet. She said I should and could do it myself. Which I did, without too much difficulty. It was only once I was in the middle of changing my knickers, in slow notion, that I realised I'd just left my sleeping baby in the maternity ward on his own! I panicked and hobbled fast as I could back to my baby who hadn't even noticed I was gone. So I was up and about from that night. Beware though, after about a week on the painkillers I got the worst constipation I've ever had in my life. Have suppositorys at the ready. Anyway I'm waffling now, and my little one has finished his feed. Wishing you luck, I hope you have a good experience like I did. xxx

ballroomblitz Mon 10-Dec-12 23:21:03

Thinking back 5 years ago you can't feel anything during. It's weird when they are getting the baby out as there a sense of a some pulling and tugging. I got a mild sedation put in once the baby was out, as I was very anxious about the whole thing. Again odd when the feeling starts to return to your toes.

I didn't notice the drugs. Had a lovely breakfast of codeine, paracetemol and tramadol the next day but because it's sore you don't feel drugged up.

They wouldn't let me eat until about 7/8 hours later - tea and toast - but my bp was high and I was under observation so I'm not sure if they normally give you something sooner.

Was up the next day walking (say about 20 hours later for me) - they like to try and get you walking sooner rather than later because of the risk of blood clots I think. I was still hooked up to the cathater before that so couldn't get up.

Only thing I wish had of been different is would like to think the doctor who came to examine me the next day would give me some warning she was going to press down on the wound. I let out a rather loud profanity and in all honesty felt like hitting her not that I would

Good luck!

xmasevebundle Mon 10-Dec-12 23:08:19

I have one next monday.

I have everything packed(thank you for everyone for the thread i put up, flip flops and some huge pants are in the suitcase grin)

I wanted to know what you felt like during it and afterwards(with heavy drugs)

They said i will have some morphine, what does that feel like?

How long was you up walking after the section? (i will be having a spinal)

Food, what do they give you after?

Would you do things differently? e.g should of rested longer?

Sorry for the long post, im very nervous/excited as i dont know what to expect! Anything else you are free to add!

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