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Can I have a home birth?

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nannyl Thu 13-Dec-12 18:00:12

im 45 mins away from my nearest hospital too, planning another homebirth with number 2.

i had a home birth, and the NHS were fully supportive (due to being so far away, lots of women choose to home birth here)

Unless you have been sectioned for mental health anyone can CHOOSE a homebirth under NHS You can not be made to go to hospital, and a midwife is obliged to attend. (even if you are breach, have triplets, strep B etc etc, you CAN choose a home birth)

See if you have a homebirth support group locally

Take a look at the facebook page "home birthers and hopefuls" for support.

Im now pg with number 2 and definitely having another HB, last time i didnt know if i was or wasnt in labour when midwife popped in (I was 7cm) 20mins later DD was lieing uncaught over the sofa. midwife number 2 arrived after DD had been born

Having a planned home birth is very very safe for a low risk pregnancy, actually going to hospital increases the chance of you and / or baby dieing / major PP hemoarage / infection / intervention / birthing injuries / baby having a lower apgar score.

On the otherhand an unplanned unassisted birth in a car / road side is much much much more risky than any other place of birth, so at least by choosing to birth at home, should you need to go to hospital, you go via ambulence (ie much quicker than by car) and with a midwife, so you will NOT even take the risk of an unassisted birth at the road side.

Ultimately the decision is yours and only yours

Elasticsong Tue 11-Dec-12 10:05:09

I'm at least 45 mins away from the nearest hospital and properly in the sticks - homebirth booked and only a couple of weeks away (fingers crossed). I had a dreadful hospital birth last time round and really want to avoid putting myself, my family and my new baby through that if at all possible.

Midwife has requested some outdoor lighting (!) and has laughed at the state of the track we live on but she's backing my choice completely. Just hoping it doesn't snow as that could scupper things completely for us.

piprabbit Mon 10-Dec-12 16:12:08

Our local hospital has a specialist MW who supports women wanting a homebirth, it is her role to do everything possible to enable the woman to have a safe homebirth (even if the situation is a more complicated than usual). As a result the homebirth rate is steadily rising.

I'd suggest you talk to your MW, or if they can't/won't help then see if you can talk to the local Supervisor of MWs to see if they can help you decide the best approach for you.

StarOfLightMcKings3 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:08:38

I was im a very urban place but with maternity services closing everwhere my closest place was more than 40mins away.

Flisspaps Mon 10-Dec-12 16:07:17

It is entirely up to you as to whether you have a homebirth or not - not the MWs or a consultant.

Have you had a look at the homebirth website?

I planned homebirths with both of mine, and the estimated time to hospital from my house was 45 minutes (far quicker at 5.30am with blue lights though!) and if I were to have a third baby, I'd plan a homebirth again despite never having actually managed to give birth at home.

RooneyMara Sun 09-Dec-12 12:28:43

That is interesting - though I'd expect it tbh. Once you set foot near a hospital they kind of seem to want to do things to you!

If it's really hard to get there in the first place, I think they're less likely to go for the default option. Though it is great to have emergency facilities at hand if something does go properly wrong.

wouldyoupleasemove Sun 09-Dec-12 10:42:23

Planning a home birth with DC2. Live in area of London that is v pro home birth and recently went to home birth talk run by local midwifes. They reported interesting evidence from the massive birthplace study that the closer you are to hospital the more likely you are to have intervention even if your risk is the same. So the further you are away, maximises your chances of normal birth

RooneyMara Sun 09-Dec-12 09:35:44

About half an hour here - and yes, though it's not the sticks, it's a city with its own hospital but you're not allowed to have a baby there. (don't ask!)

My last one was born at home and this one is booked for home, as last time it only took 3 hours so probably not much time to get the the hospital.

That was the MW's advice so I'm going with it!

Only thing to bear in mind is if something does go wrong and you'll want transferring - how long will it take - can an ambulance get to you - is there someone to drive you in?

I've no one to help as I'm on my own, but the hosp we have here is only up the road so an ambulance could be here in a few minutes. I find that reassuring as last time I did start to bleed a lot, and the MWs were panicking a bit till they managed to stop it.

Talk to your MW about it and see how she sees it.

bogbean Sun 09-Dec-12 09:29:34

I live 40 minutes from the hospital... Is this a problem? Have others had home births out in the sticks?

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