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A lot of pain 4 weeks after ELCS - mws, obs/gynae docs / nurses, anyone, please help!

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Jules125 Sun 09-Dec-12 03:49:39

Try to summarise this:

ELCS on 12 Nov with DD3 due to previous fulminating PE/ HELLP at 26 weeks (and stillbirth) with DD1 and previous transverse lie at term with DD2 (Dec 2010). DD3 great and very happy to have 2 lovely daughters after the trauma of my first pregnancy!

Seemed fine at time but started getting pain after 5 days then developed massive haematoma after 10 days (which quickly burst, relieving pain). Had AB and all seemed ok for a while. Definitely some infection - redness swelling at the time.

Last sunday / monday (so 3 weeks after ELCS) increasing pain, saw GP (same course of ab prescribed, looked infected again). By tuesday night v painful so went back wed am. GP wanted to send me to local maternity hospital (not where I delivered - NHS gave me choices due to my high risk status and I went for big teaching hospital in central London!) Local post-natal team refused to accept referral as over 3 weeks post-partum so I was no longer classed as an obs patient! (GP said “local politics”). So I went to the same hospital A & E who eventually saw me and not surprisingly insisted I was an obs / gynae patient (and got me admitted and transferred to gynae ward). I wasn’t that happy (these delays meant I saw my GP at 10am but it was 1am the next morning before I was offered IV antibiotics on the ward – in the meantime I was sitting / lying on a trolley in A & E in increasing pain offered nothing but paracetamol). Came out Friday lunchtime after 5 rounds of IV antibiotics. I found the abs helped with the pain but only for a few hours and started to get agonising again before next dose.

I am now back at home on oral clindamycin and metronidazole (same drugs I was receiving as IV in hospital). This am I seemed ok though wiped out. Pain got worse through the day (I have maxed out on co-drydamol / neurofen, and tramadol offered). I am awake because of pain – baby is sleeping great!
My wound looks worse (red, sore, lifted, oozing, inflamed) in the middle to right side but its just above it on the left side where the pain is most intense. Docs have blamed constipation / post-operative pain for this (but I’m not constipated and didn’t have much post-operative pain until the last week!).
I am basically well, don’t have much fever and hopefully recovering from the infection but I feel no-one is really believing me about the pain I am in. I have had a vaginal delivery and previous CS so I do know about pain of previous childbirth. This is something else. I have been breastfeeding (but mostly pumping due to poor weight gain) but was also very sick on the IV ab and pumping output declined from 500ml to 100ml per day! So maybe keeping this going is not my top priority right now. What else can I take? I can’t look after my baby well (or my toddler at all).

Sorry for long rant. Has anyone experienced anything like this? What should I do? Will it settle if I just give it more time? I am reluctant to go back to same hospital as I didn’t feel well looked after there.

Thanks - feeling down and desperate. Can't imagine how people cope with chronic pain :-(

elizaregina Tue 18-Dec-12 12:12:04

( i know you had no retained products but its all infection related)

mmmmsleep Tue 18-Dec-12 14:13:10

Jules so glad you're better and back home. if you still want to get back to breast feeding it could be reestablished. Not saying you should just that if it is something you wanted you could contact your local la leche league breast feeding counsellor or other for help. You've really been through it. You can request a debrief with consultant or lead midwife to review your notes if that helps you process it all once you're more settled. As said above any dr or midwife worth their salt would want to analyze their and hospital's performance and look at ways to learn from what happened so it didn't happen again.

ShakySingsMerryXmasEveryone Tue 18-Dec-12 15:38:16

I'm so glad that you are sorted and feeling better.

My only other advice is to get some canesten cream from the chemist. After all those antibiotics, I fear a case of thrush may be lurking round the next corner. Be prepared!

Rest up now and enjoy Christmas with your baby smile

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