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Vaginal Birth with Hernia??

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YouSayPotato Sat 08-Dec-12 00:17:08

Ive previously had a c section as baby was breach.
This time i have a hernia on my groin. Im in my second semester so hernia is causing a little bit of pain when standing/sitting. Obvioulsy as baby is small i cannot comment on how it will be later on during the pregnancy with the baby pushing down on it. So, I was wondering whether anyone has had experience of having a vaginal birth with hernia?

Also will the fact i have had a c section before just push the consultant to tell me to go for a c section again? I just cant imagine all that pushing will be good for the hernia. I keep thinking that the mass/fat/organs may come out of the hernia holw during labour making it an emerg c section.

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