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40+5, bloody show this morning...could things be imminent??

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StarOfLightMcKings3 Thu 06-Dec-12 20:09:10

You need to relax, have some calm, get the loving, warm hormones flowing and tell your baby quietly about the soft safe welcoming place you have prepared.

Charge around with adrenaline trying to knock some sense into your baby whilst stressing about potential induction will have your baby dig his/her heels in and point blank refuse to move.

A comedy with a glass of wine and a cuddle, sliding into clean bedsheets with a good novel, eating cake etc. are all helpful imo.

EugenesAxeChoppedDownANiceTree Thu 06-Dec-12 20:03:10

Again, if it helps I lost mucus plug late on 40+5 and started about 6am 40+6; I had DS that night.

Good luck!

squidkid Thu 06-Dec-12 19:55:47

If it's helpful-

I had period pains/contractions on and off from 39 and a half weeks
Mucus plug went (after sex, like yours!) on due date
Waters broke 40+3
Baby born 40+5

I had a natural labour at home , lengthy but uncomplicated

Caroline2103 Thu 06-Dec-12 19:53:01

No I dont mind at all! I was 40 + 2 when the plug went. The next day after.lots of walking and bouncing on my ball I started contracting every 2minutes and 3/4 minutes apart I was 3/4 centimeters by 3am but my contractions never got stronger. Unfortunately for me I stayed this way for 6days! DS finally arrived 40 + 9 natural labour and birth was great (apart from grade 4 tearing)....
Keep going for walks and get a ball if u haven't already got one it was a god send to me. Have you got labour oils?? Im sure you will go into labour on your own, dont worry too much about induction it is wasted energy. We can plan our babies arrival but ultimately its totally out of our control smile

DangerMousey Thu 06-Dec-12 18:34:41

eeeep caroline hopefully it wont be a week....they want to induce me next Thursday if things dont get started on their own - which I am not keen on.

Do you mind me asking: how many weeks/days pregnant were you, when you plug went, and when your DS finally arrived? And did you have any other symptoms of the latent phase in the intervening week?

Caroline2103 Thu 06-Dec-12 18:29:24

sounds like the start of the latent phase! be warned though, I lost my plug and DS didn't arrive for another week. I hope ur labour gets cracking a lot quicker. good luck and keep us posted!! smile

mayhew Thu 06-Dec-12 16:34:59

Yes, it sounds like you are on the brink of labour. No risk with sex at all, just hilarity. It take several days for some people though…..

DangerMousey Thu 06-Dec-12 14:25:58

Thanks Hooliaaa...annoyingly no sign of any contractions yet today but am gonna go out for a walk in a minute and hope that gets things going.

Fingers crossed that your labour starts soon too.

Maybe will try sex again tonight (poor DH!)....does anyone know if you can still have sex once your plug has gone? It's not an infection risk, is it? (No sign of many waters havin gone).

Hooliaaa Thu 06-Dec-12 11:17:55

I've been having evening cramps for days. I think it's a good sign that your body's gearing up for something but I think a show is a more reliable indicator of reasonably imminent labour though. Good luck!

DangerMousey Thu 06-Dec-12 10:39:57

they stopped when I went to *bed though

DangerMousey Thu 06-Dec-12 10:39:07

So me and DH had sex this morning - at 40+5 that was an elegant event I can tell you.

Anyway, afterwards when I went to the loo I am pretty sure I had a bloody show/lost my mucus plug. Sorry for TMI but it was a big snotty lump of dark browny red mucus on the loo roll. I did think is it just blood tinged semen (sorry! ICK!), but then I went to the loo again am hour later and saw the same thing again....far too much of it to be semen.

So this could be a sign that things are gearing up for labour, right?? I also had lots of quite painful period-style cramps really low down in my pelvis all yesterday evening...lasting about 15-20 seconds each, and occurring every 5-10 mins. They stopped when I went to be though. But also a good sign, right??

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