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help me decide vbac vs elcs post loooong first labour and em cs

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mmmmsleep Tue 04-Dec-12 23:00:36

I'm in 3rd trimester and struggling with decision about vbac vs section. I've read all evidence talked to professionals and yes i know that a mumsnet poll isn"t scientific but i guess i probably need hand holding more than anything..

Ds will be few months under 2 when this baby is due. His birth was horrid. waters broke contractions stopped when i got to hospital. Induced next morning nothing happened with prostin other than ds's heart rate plummeting. Syntocin started next morning after that. Epidural took ages to come then didn't work when it did. Back to back labour. uterus over reacted. Took while to dilate but went from 4 to 8 quickly then took 8 hrs to get to 9cm spent 4 hrs at 9cm then em section.

Thought of recovery from section with toddler to care for doesn't fill me with excitement and if i could have normal uncomplicated vaginal delivery would be best. My quoted chances of success of vbac are around 60% but success includes forceps or ventouse. I would never consent to induction again so if did vbac would include a cs date if go over. I guess i'm just not convinced my chances of success are high enough and thought of labouring and ending up with emcs or complications fills me with dread as does risk of being left like i was last time when clearly it wasn't happening. I just keep clinging to that thought of an uncomplicated vb and being up and about faster .

Just can't decide...not that i expect you to tell me what to do. Just interested in thoughts!

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sat 08-Dec-12 13:59:11

My EMCS was a very positive experience despite being an emergency, I am too much of a what if person so for me the security of an ELCS is the only way to go, and would be in your case. That is just my opinion though.

Dededum Sat 08-Dec-12 13:59:14

Another positive vbac story, but with a caution.

My first was a horrendous 35 hour marathon, dilated but he wouldn't come out. Failed forceps, ventouse and then emergency c-section. I went into shock, horrible.

DS2 again long labour, but brilliant Irish midwife and he was definitely coming out the right way. When he was in the womb he was always kicking me so I called him Buster.

I stopped dilating at about 4cm so had an epidural. Midwife thought the unresolved stress of the first labour probably affected me. And I was very positive about a Vbac, never considered a c-section. My point is that the stress of first labour can have a real effect on your second labour.

I loved that I had a successful vaginal birth, but childbirth is not a competition. It's humbling to know that I or either of my 2 boys might not have made it 100 years ago without medical competition. Both of my grandmothers nearly died in childbirth. Do what is right for you,

mmmmsleep Sat 08-Dec-12 14:02:57

How would i feel...gutted. After last time can't face that again. The fact successful vbac includes forceps and severe tears as acceptable outcomes scares me. I just keep getting tempted by that quick vb without bad tears or infections. I expect an episiotomy or slight tear as pretty much seems the norm for vb esp as technically my perineum hasn't been prestretched by ds. Just my pelvic floor that got trashed last time.

mmmmsleep Fri 22-Mar-13 22:30:33

thought I should update this thread for anyone reading in future trying to make same decision. ..
I had vbac in the end. 7hrs of v v painful labour then baby distressed so tried ventouse which failed so onto forceps which had been my worst nightmare.

on balance I'm glad I had vbac. healing even with v long episiotomy has beenmuch quicker than post section and fact I can drive and pick up screaming toddler mid tantrum with dd in sling has been v useful. couldn't sit for 2 weeks or walk v far but it has been easier generally than post cs.

hope that helps others deciding

SilverBirdie Tue 26-Mar-13 19:53:33

Thanks mmmsleep I'm really pleased you reposted and got the (sort of) birth you wanted.
I had my consultant apt today at 24 weeks re: vbac and they couldn't access my notes so feel non the wiser and that threads like this are more informative than supposed specialist consultants.
Was your forcep recovery really considerably better than you'd feared?

mmmmsleep Tue 26-Mar-13 20:29:49

hi silver. sorry your appointment didn't go well. I would ask to see the vbac midwife..usually is one. speak to supervisor of midwives if you run into problems. I was very pro cs until about your stage when the reality of recovering from cs with toddler hit home. yes am now almost 4 weeks on. at this point last time I couldn't drive...although I did start at 4 weeks I regretted it because lugging pram etc out of car put extra strain on scar and caused pain. whilst my undercarriage isn't perfect yet it has definitely been a much quicker recovery than last time and I've been able to lift both dcs at same time when emergencies or tantrums required. we're planning another and I'll do vbac again (despite what I said in labourwink ). can't be this unlucky with bad labours 3 times in a row surely!

good luck with your decision and birth whatever you decide.

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