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Did anyone else experience postpartum hemorrhage after a really good vaginal birth?

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MB34 Mon 03-Dec-12 21:54:09

I had a pretty good birth with DS on 24th Nov - 10 hours from first contraction to him being born, with just gas and air, no complications or interventions.

About an hour after he was born, I tried to get up for a shower and was still bleeding and had clots in my cervix which the midwife couldn't get out. I was then examined by a registrar, who couldn't get them out either or determine the cause. I then was rushed into theatre, where the clots were removed but no cause of bleeding was found.

All in all, I lost about 2.3 litres of blood, my veins shut down so had to have the drips in the vena cava in my neck and a blood transfusion.

Did anyone else experienced this or anything similar? The hospital say they don't know why it happened but it may be to do with that I didn't have the syntocinon injection when DS was being delivered. Is this true?

inadreamworld Wed 05-Dec-12 07:52:04

Hi Oz - don't think I am under consultant care and actually forgot to book next midwife appointment. I will talk to them about ways to avoid pph next time - don't want a hysterectomy!!! Aaaagh. Glad you are OK and your third baby born with no problems.

inadreamworld Wed 05-Dec-12 07:58:08

Stupid that I don't know if am under consultant care or not. I must get next midwife appointment. A consultant reviewed my late (34 week) scan very recently to say I was OK for a vaginal delivery as the placenta had moved and was now a long way away from cervix.

Oz - didn't know that they could do a drip to prevent future pph - amazing what I learn from all the clever people on MN!

Ozfrazror Wed 05-Dec-12 09:26:49

Hi Inadreamworld - I think you would have been made a consultant appt for about now if you needed it. With Ds 3 I had an appt around 34 weeks to discuss a birth plan and he wrote that I should have the drip. It's the same drip they use to induce you so I'm not sure if its suitable for all, just should have helped me cos my pph was caused by my uterus failing to carry on contracting after the placenta came out. I also didn't react to the usual drugs so again the drip might not all be for all cases?? Worth an ask if you're worried tho but sure the midwives should be on top of your care if they're aware of your history. I think sometimes these things just happen but not necessarily every time so fingers crossed all will be well with your 2nd smile

inadreamworld Wed 05-Dec-12 09:30:28

Thanks Oz I will ask midwife just to make sure. Your case seems very different and much worse than mine with transfusion etc - poor thing but so glad no 3 born with no problems! smile

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