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Has anyone has an ELCS date given to them before 36 weeks?

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ThumperBumper Wed 28-Nov-12 10:47:28

Seeing consultant this afternoon and requesting ELCS. fully armed with everything I need to fight my corner, but MW has previously said they won't arrange section dates until I am 36 week (currently 28). But DC1 was born at 36 weeks and a big part of my reasons for ELCS involve anxiety and depression (in addition to physical medical issues) and I know I would be more at ease if I knew it was all agreed and in the book. I know they'll probably book for 39 weeks and I know what days of the week my hospital does elective sections on, so I can narrow it down to one or two dates myself, but I feel I'd be less anxious if it was in the book. This all matters as I am on the brink of referral to perinatal mental health for antenatal depression.

Has anyone managed to get their ELCS Date by 30 weeks? And if it was a battle, how did you go about it? Any advice would be appreciated please.

phlebas Wed 28-Nov-12 13:02:10

I've had three electives (bad obstetric history, previous section etc) & I got the dates pretty early - first one was 28 weeks (remember because I had my anti-D then) & the next two were booked after my 20 week scan. I had an utterly fantastic consultant who understood that counting down the days to a firm out date was pretty much the only thing keeping me going & she never quibbled about booking the date early (she would've done it sooner but I was superstitious).

Have to say the midwives were really sniffy and unpleasant about it though - in my last pregnancy I declined to see them & chose to only see my consultant (NHS) in the end.

phlebas Wed 28-Nov-12 13:09:55

oh & my sections were booked for 38, 38 & 37 weeks gestation as I have a clotting disorder that increases the risk of stillbirth. My first child was born by emergency section at 36 weeks.

I was seen at a clinic for women who had had losses. They pretty much accommodated me in every way they could (had my mum & dh in theatre with me etc). I had very severe antenatal depression all three times.

mungojerrie Wed 28-Nov-12 19:37:25

Yes - I had a consultant appointment at about 30 weeks I think - and it was all booked in then without any fuss. Good luck

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Thu 29-Nov-12 14:14:47

Had EMCS with Ds1 made my views on ELCS clear from day one. Am currently 34+5 and got my date 3 weeks or so ago! Push there is no reason you cant have it sooner, my theatre told me the sooner The request is in, The easier it is to schedule

ThumperBumper Thu 29-Nov-12 17:38:21

Thanks for replies. No decision yet, but this gives me hope!

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