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Birth plan

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LeBFG Tue 27-Nov-12 09:33:41

OK - so, I'm on pg no.2. I'd planned a natural first birth but DS was prem (33 weeks) so I felt totally negative and out of control when I went into labour. I agreed to all interventions (epi, monitoring, legs on bed in air). It all went really well actually and no regrets...and this time round I feel more prepared if this little monkey comes early.

So, from memory, I took about an hour in the second stage. Although I could sometimes feel the need to push, I could never feel myself pushing. Sometimes the MW told me to push when I couldn't feel anything. Finally, they threatended the forceps so I gave it some extra welly and out DS popped before the consultant could find them.

Now, following threads on here and the link of epis with c-sections/forceps etc, I'm pretty scared of having a second epi. BUT after reading a birthing book, I'm now pretty worked up about coping with the pain. I'm such a wuss - I went into A+E as a teenager becuase I made such a fuss about period pains they thought I might have appendicitis blush.

I feel a bit stumped and not sure what to do. I want to be prepared for what will happen and I feel I need to prepare to feel more in control, but I can't prepare until I've decided what to go with confused. Any advice?

ThreeWheelsGood Tue 27-Nov-12 09:53:44

I felt in control by knowing it was going to be the most pain I'd ever experienced if you know what I mean! I breathed slow and deep though each contraction, used gas and air. Near the end the pain was almost overshadowed by the urge to push. I can understand being scared of the pain, but you can count through each contraction (there are brief breaks!) and psychologically it helps knowing the pain is normal! Unlike the unexplained pain you had as a teenager. HTH

LeBFG Tue 27-Nov-12 10:04:39

I feel I'll be able to deal with the second bit a lot better as baby is about to arrive. It's the, possibly extended, first period of fuck awful contractions that are scaring me shock. I see what you mean wrt to types of pain.

I won't have access to gas and air though, but I've read on here it isn't all that wonderful in any case.

TBH it's the book that scared me. I suppose it's just saying the reality - it's going to be, probably, the worst pain of my life. So...<scared>

BadlyWrittenPoem Wed 28-Nov-12 08:02:32

I would recommend reading Childbirth Without Fear by Grantley Dick-Read and Hypnobirthing by Maria Mongan. I found they made my second a much better experience - first I has G&A, peth then epidural, second once I had the G&A it was painless.

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