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Does anyone have any experience of senakot...

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mameulah Thu 22-Nov-12 19:25:34

...helping them bring on their contractions? Or has anyone gone into labour after taking it? I am really overdue and a retired midwife has suggested it to me. Am supposed to be induced on Monday but would rather get things going myself. Can anyone offer any kind of an insight into if this would work or am I just asking to be tied to the toilet?

mayhew Thu 22-Nov-12 20:48:29

Making your bowel contract encourages the womb to contract. Hence laxatives/enemas stimulating labour. senakot is safe if you want to try it but people vary about whether their bowel gets overactive. Senna has little effect on me but others find it very effective. Avoid castor oil because it can make the baby pass meconium and then you get treated as high risk.

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