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Having debrief today

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Plumsieinaonesie Thu 22-Nov-12 03:48:41

Having debrief today on the birth of 4th child Dd born by emcs 3wks early under GA.

Taken nearly 2mths to sort.

What should I expect from it.

DoubleYew Thu 22-Nov-12 04:08:41

With mine, mw went through the notes of labour, explaining what was going on at each point and why team had made the decisions they did, at what point they could have predicted what eventually happened (in my case she said she never would have thought I would have the labour I did, which weirdly helped).

I found it really helpful to ask lots of questions - if at this point if they had done X what would have happened. She was very sympathetic and listened to me crying. Said that they had changed hospital procedure now so that this would not happen to another woman.

I asked for a photocopy of notes. I've never looked at it but it helps to know I have it.

Hope the session helps you.

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