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Hypnobirthing- honest opinions, is it worth it?

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Mrsbirchall Mon 19-Nov-12 21:49:35


I wondered if anyone had any experience of hypnobirthing- good or bad? I'm 26 weeks and in denial about my fear of giving birth and have heard a few friends mention they know of people who have benefitted from hypnobirthing..

I'm usually naturally a tad sceptical about this sort of thing and living in London too, a quick browse on the web and it doesn't look cheap to do a course here either!..

So what are your thoughts? Any advice?


Cyclebump Wed 28-Nov-12 07:58:53

I didn't use it but two friends did.

One friend used it for her second child after a traumatic labour and EMCS with her first. She swore by hypnobirthing after a successful VBAC and said it really helped.

Another friend used it for her first child. She ended up in labour for three days, had pethidine, an epidural and an EMCS. However, she says she felt in control and reasonably calm throughout because of the techniques and before the course had been terrified of giving birth.

All in all, friends who've used it have found it useful.

Purplecatti Thu 29-Nov-12 16:33:39

I thought the whole thing was total bunkum....... Until I went into labour. OMG was I glad I at least did a little bit of research.
I didn't visualise any flowers opening or any airy fairy twoddle. But I did shut my mind off and get in 'the zone', I pictured Homer Simpson's brain saying 'you're on your own' to him and the sound of a door slamming. And then I did my yoga breathing as much as I could.
I just let my body get on with whatever it needed to do and pretty much was out of it until the end. Gas and Air helped immensely, it fuzzes your brain allowing you to rise out of it. OH was really scared, I wasn't registering anything he was saying and the OBEM film crew barged in three times thrown out by OH - wrong room!) and I have absolutely no recollection of that AT ALL.
It was only at the end when I said I couldn't cope any more and the midwife told me I had to as my baby's head was out and staring at her that I did anything consciously.
I would say do the hypnobirthing thing. I didn't do it properly but still managed a back to back labour, a massive baby that got stuck and ended in a third degree tear just on gas and air, and I don't feel hard done by either.

Mrsbirchall Thu 20-Dec-12 21:54:52

Oh dear, I think I'm impenetrable when it comes to these things!

Got the CD and on first listen I was already fidgeting 2 mins in and my mind drifting between what Christmas presents I still need to buy and the fact she was annoying me with her "321"...! I'll keep trying but find it so hard to switch off- doesn't bode we'll for me applying it during birth, gulp

Dorisday13 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:03:01

I was very skeptical but honestly I really think it helped me a lot x

PopEsMummy Fri 21-Dec-12 14:44:35

I was like that with the natal hypnotherapy cd's. I carried on with it though and had a really lovely vbac. Stick with it!

summerinthesun Wed 26-Dec-12 18:32:16

I had no fear of labour, as I knew my body would cope, but I'm a bit of a swot and I just wanted to learn what is the best way of dealing with the process. The teacher gave me a funny look when I said I had no fear of labour, she was probably thinking well what are you doing in my class.

Admitedly it was a bit boring doing all the practising, but it did help me through the contractions.

It has finally made sense to me now I am expecting my second, that I like being in control, and I didn't want drugs, not necessarily out of principle or that it might damage my bonding with my baby, but that I didn't like the thought of being out of control when going through a difficult process.

And I have to agree with the book, that I didn't think of it as pain at all, it was just something I had to go through, and I felt confident and well equiped with what to do.

I totally recommend it, it can't do any harm so it's worth giving it a go

clickingtock Thu 27-Dec-12 11:30:38

Stick with it if you can. I usually fell asleep listening to my relaxation CD but something worked as I had a quick HB with DS and not even gas and air. I haven't practised nearly as much second time round. Hoping it's like riding a bike... Should know soon as I'm 39wks today! I agree that it's more about staying in control and staying positive rather than tree-hugging or silliness. You really can help yourself if you've learned some of these techniques and for me that was great as I don't trust others to do the job! Ps I was 38 with first and 41 now and defying the statistics re' interventions required etc to birth; I do think that hypno helped...

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