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back labour more painfull that normal labour??

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kirdy Sun 18-Nov-12 09:49:32

I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant with 3rd baby and have been having Braxton hicks for a few good weeks this last week they are getting stronger and this morning they seem to be coming and going quite alot and I feel quite sick and having some pressure down below! With my first two babies I had back labour which was the worst pain I have ever felt all contractions I felt in my lower back didn't feel anything in my stomach at all! Just wanted to ask if normal labour was less painfull than back labour?? These Braxton hicks im having are taking my breath away and uncomfortable but not really to painfull. Just worried if im going into labour as baby is breech and I have low lying placenta! Xx

MyLastDuchess Sun 18-Nov-12 09:56:15

I have heard that back labour is mant to be worse.

I've only given birth once (DC2 due any day now) and did not have back labour. I felt it all over my body - not on my bump or in my back, just everywhere. Awful TBH.

My opinion and from what I understand: everybody is different. We all have different pain thresholds, and apparently in my case I had very strong contractions too. Who can say?

If you are not sure if you have BH or early labour then don't hesitate to call your midwife smile

Chottie Sun 18-Nov-12 20:31:46

I had a back labour with my DC1 and I did not realise it was labour either. It was like a big boot pushing down on the base of my spine.

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