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c section question!

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kirdy Wed 14-Nov-12 09:55:23

I have a low lying placenta covering os it has not moved at all since 20 week scan had another scan at 32 weeks still not moved got another scan next Wednesday when I will be 36 weeks. Midwife and lady who did my scan don't seem to think it will move in time for birth and now baby has turned breech also. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has been though this? If I need a c section will they give me a date for it when I go in for my scan next week? And around how many weeks would they let me go to before doing it? I have two other children born vaginally and both were a week early if that makes any difference? Oh and how long would I have to stay in after a c section as I really dislike hospitals and would like to go home as soon as I could xxxx

choceyes Wed 14-Nov-12 10:01:27

I've not had a low lying placenta or breech baby. But can answer your other questions.
I was given a date for my elcs for 39 weeks exactly. It was a Friday the 13th and they asked me if I wanted the 12th, but turned out iftwas all booked out (I bet by most who were 39 weeks on the 13th!). I didn't care. Wouldn't let me go any earlier than that though.

I stayed in for 3 days. C-section on Friday morning, out on Mon afternoon. I really enjoyed my hospital stay actually. Great postnatal care and no feeding problems meant a pretty relaxed stay compared with the 5 days of hell in hospital after my EMCS with DC1 (awful postnatal care and juandiced baby and major feeding problems). Was same hospital though.

Chopsypie Wed 14-Nov-12 10:03:35

I havnt been in your exact situation, but I have had two c sections, one emergency, the other planned.
I was given an appointment at 36 weeks with the consultant, who ran through the procedure with me and took lots of details. She booked my section then, for 1 week before my due date.
I went in at the date and time given and went to theatre around 2 hours later.
My 1st baby was born at 5.30pm on a saturday and I left on Mondya afternoon. My 2nd baby was born at 4pm on Monday and I left at 4pm on Tuesday.

You can leave once baby is feeding well, and you can get up and about and have a wee by yourself. My hospital seem to ahve an unofficial polciy of you can leave once you can get up and walk out on your own.

Dont push yourself too hard, and make sure you have someone on hand to help. And buy massive knickers

Good luck!

elizaregina Sat 17-Nov-12 12:36:33


Who does like hospitals! I was absoluty adamant that this time I would get a private room as you couldnt book one before - I was asking and asking - and getting worried about it - then I was told I had one - then I was told they had a priority that needed to use it - etc etc etc...In the end i was in for three nights and on a ward and it was fine - had one night previoulsy with DD and that was HELL - but this time - very strangley it was fine I was almost sad to leave! It was a little bubble with just me and new DD, lots of time to bond to and enjoy - nice people to chat too on ward as well...nice to be taken care of! I was in for three nights after section.

Smallgreenone Mon 19-Nov-12 18:36:53

I was in for 4 nights and had mine own room. It was ok but was ready to go home by the end but when I did get home I missed the bed and being able to manoeuvre it up and down etc as my scar was so painful getting in and out of bed was a nightmare. Good luck!

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