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Meeting anaethetist and doctor before C section, what happens?

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chroniclackofimagination Tue 13-Nov-12 16:02:22

I'm booked for my elective section next Monday morning and have been told to go into the hospital (Queen Charlottes and Chelsea in Hammersmith) Friday afternoon for a meeting with the anaethetist and doctor.

Has anyone gone to one of these meetings before? What happens? Will they just talk me through the operation? Will the doctor I meet be the one doing my operation?

Joiyuk Tue 13-Nov-12 17:18:05

I've never had to go to a meeting like this, but I imagine it is just so the anaesthetist can familiarise him/herself with you. They will need to take details from you in order to make a plan of action. That may include weighing you to ensure the correct dosage will be given, going thru your care plan and checking you have no medical conditions that may cause complications. HTH

chroniclackofimagination Tue 13-Nov-12 21:34:59

Thanks, probably over thinking this! So nervous..

AnitaBlake Tue 13-Nov-12 21:44:21

My doctor (not the one that did the procedure as it turned out) went through the operation, including any options we had available, discussed the risks, and confirmed that this was my preferred birth option.

The anaesthetist went through how the pain relief would be managed, including what would happen if there were any problems, why and in what order it would be done. Again, he went through the risks and potential side effects and explained what I needed to do to help the operation go smoothly.

We also saw a midwife who explained what would happen with baby, explained my options for skin to skin, feeding etc., and took bloods for a general checkup and a breastfeeding counsellor, who gave me some tips and advice.

All in all a very pleasant, enjoyable and informative session, which put mind at rest no end.

tazmo Tue 13-Nov-12 22:27:53

Hi mine was so the anaesthetist and relevant health care professionals could talk to me and discuss concerns/risks and provide me with drugs ie Zantac which is taken the night before. I was introduced to my bed and was exciting because the appt was in the maternity ward so it hit home I was having baby no 3!!!!!! You will provide consent etc and shd be positive!!!!! Enjoy!

chroniclackofimagination Tue 13-Nov-12 22:43:27

That sounds like exactly what I'd like to have before c-day. It's my second c-section but he first was a crash with a horrible recovery but luckily a healthy baby. Really eager to do anything I can to be better prepared this time.

AnitaBlake Tue 13-Nov-12 22:48:44

My first was a cat A too. My second was as lovely as you could imagine major abdominal surgery to gone. I walked (actually ran) to theatre, climbed up onto the bed and chatted happily through the entire procedure. We had skin to skin within minutes of birth and a leisurely recovery, followed by two nights in postnatal. Now recovering nicely at home smile good luck love!

chroniclackofimagination Tue 13-Nov-12 23:21:40

Anita - that's great to hear! Thanks for the good wishes and hope you continue to have a good recovery. And congratulations!

AnitaBlake Tue 13-Nov-12 23:53:31

Thank you chronic! I hope yours is as uneventful as mine was!

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