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When to go to hospital when in labour?

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MayimBialik Mon 12-Nov-12 23:33:21

I can't remember what the advice is - at what stage should you go in? Thanks

queenofthepirates Mon 12-Nov-12 23:35:52

Call the ward for advice, I think it changes but I believe they like to chat to you to see if you can still talk before inviting you in.

OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 13-Nov-12 00:03:23

Before the baby arrives (voice of accidental home birth experience) grin
Non facetious answer: what queen of the pirates said - call the ward and keep a good monitor on gaps between contractions so you can give them some guidance
Best of luck with it all

FreddieMercurysBolero Tue 13-Nov-12 00:10:53

Whenever you feel ready to go. Call them first and they should tell you. Good luck pet, I'm not at all jealous!smile

ZuleikaD Tue 13-Nov-12 07:38:06

Yes, call them first, preferably during a contraction so they can hear how you're getting on. I waited till 5 mins apart the first time and 3 mins apart the second time (timed from the start of each one, obviously).

sammyleh Thu 15-Nov-12 16:52:44

I just had my baby 3 weeks ago and was told to wait until I couldn't handle the pain any more at home. Contractions were lasting at least a minute and were 4 mins apart. When i got to hospital I was 7cm dilated... baby was born a couple of hours later smile

sallybean Thu 15-Nov-12 20:43:55

I was told that I sounded 'too chirpy' on the phone to go into the ward & was told to stay at home, despite very strong, regular contractions at 5mins apart & a 25 min drive to hospital & my waters having broken 28 hours before. I waited. Then rang back, told them I was coming in. I was fully dilated & could be offered no pain relief at all, had to have ventouse & episiotomy & a drip, then both me & my baby had to spend 4 days extended stay where I had to wheel him down to neo natal to have blood taken twice a day from a canula I'm his arm.... All because of their delay in letting me go in.
Needless to say, Shan't be hanging around this time...

FreddieMercurysBolero Thu 15-Nov-12 21:08:04

Sorry about your experience sally. When are you due? The reason why they try not to let people go in too early is that people who go in early in labour statistically require more intervention than those who labour at home.

Trust your instincts this time though, and don't let them fob you off. Or maybe let your partner call them and say you NEED to come in. I had an episotomy and ventouse with DS and it wasn't nice, thankfully he didn't need anything else. I'm due now and still worried about going into labour and when to go in! Hope it goes well for yousmile

hiviolet Thu 15-Nov-12 21:25:52

Mine were five minutes apart in early labour. I remember ringing to tell them that, around 4pm, but they "didn't hurt enough" so I guess I should stay at home?

I remember ringing again around 8pm and they said stay at home until I really felt I couldn't stay at home any longer.

Eventually went in at 10pm and was 6cm, which was a relief grin

sallybean Fri 16-Nov-12 09:56:46

Due today.

FreddieMercurysBolero Fri 16-Nov-12 15:15:20

Oh good luck Sally! Hope you don't go over by too much, I was due on Sunday and still hanging in there...grr. Join us here on the 38 week thread if you want to moangrin

cbeebiesatemybrain Fri 16-Nov-12 15:24:06

I knew it was time to go in when I started feeling panicky and sick but mw told me to stay at home. I went in about 20 minutes later and was fully dilated, ds born by ventouse as I was so distressed sad I think I could have had a natural delivery if they had listened to me.

Ime you will know when its time to go but when you phone them you need to ham it up and insist!

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