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Anybody had their baby at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton?

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Nbg Sat 01-Apr-06 13:43:50

Long shot I know!

We'll be moving there in the next couple of months and baby is due mid August.

Just like to know if anyone has been there or known anyone who has.


Nbg Sat 01-Apr-06 15:34:37

long shot bump

Nbg Sun 02-Apr-06 11:02:30

heymissymum Sun 02-Apr-06 11:08:13

hello nbg

you could try here for people who've used that hospital here it's a link from my blog real life calling

Nbg Sun 02-Apr-06 11:10:14

Thank you

Nbg Sun 02-Apr-06 11:21:23

Your link hasn't worked and I've had a look through netmums.

Could you try it again for me please.

heymissymum Sun 02-Apr-06 11:53:03

sorry nbg - not sure where the facilty is now - I 've had a round netmums homepage too? I've contacted Liz - she get back to us with a link - promise it will be before your move in the next couple of months - here's hoping link comes through today

Nbg Sun 02-Apr-06 13:59:52

Awww thanks, thats fab

RichmondWomble Fri 07-Apr-06 18:15:09

Am about to have my baby at Northallerton. Did the tours around both N'allerton and Darlington, and N'Allerton was by far the friendliest, positive, calm and caring place. Other friends have used N'Allerton and recommended it.

Birdie40 Sat 08-Apr-06 22:49:43

Hi there Has my dd at the Friarage in Feb 2005. Had a bit of a rough delivery so I ended up in a private side room for 5 days, but it was comfy, cosy and the staff were all fantastic (but rushed off their feet) The consultants are pretty confidence inspiring I'm glad to say. All in all, I felt safe - does this help? Happy to give more info if you like

Birdie40 Sat 08-Apr-06 23:10:03

Oh, they're pretty laid back about visiting hours for partners.......they even fed my dp a roast chicken dinner while I was biting the end off the gas and air pipe in the delivery room. Nice touch...

YellowFeathers Fri 02-Jun-06 11:43:27

Thanks for the information.

Birdie, my dh would be very grateful of a roast dinner

(had a name change btw)

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