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Bum feels bruised- like I've been kicked up the butt with a steel toe cap boot!

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Elsqueak Wed 07-Nov-12 17:40:46

Am due today but only got a bit of back ache.
Baby feels heavy like a bowling ball in my pelvis which I'm assuming is baby's head down and ready.
Sitting down is hurting though. Like thread title describes. I didn't have this first time round so not sure if this means things are getting started or not. Was induced and things happened too quick so I didn't have this at all.
Does anyone know? Feel like a rookie not a veteran!

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Thu 08-Nov-12 15:34:37

Piles possibly?

GrownupGoth Thu 08-Nov-12 15:55:24

Early labour?

marriednotdead Thu 08-Nov-12 18:03:24

Sounds like there's pressure on your coccyx (tailbone). Have you got a rubber ring you can sit on to take the pressure off? If not maybe a couple of cushions or pillows but leave a gap IYSWIM.

Hopefully once things get going it will ease off eventually. Good luck!

SarryB Fri 09-Nov-12 12:40:56

Your tailbone? Mine hurt like mad for the last 2 months. I sat on a cushion, and loved sitting on a yoga ball too. I still get pains every now and then though, 6 months later!

dinkystinky Fri 09-Nov-12 12:42:00

Sit on yoga ball and roll back and forwards - should ease it

Or try hot water bottle on the area

Hope it passes soon

Elsqueak Fri 09-Nov-12 19:37:41

Oo, thanks for your responses!
It also feels a bit like baby will drop out - I know it won't but feels that way.

I honestly can't remember early labour at all. Wish I did. Had some false start cramps going no where this week and so fed up. Baby really wriggling about bruising my innards too.
I am sitting on 2 fluffy pillows which is helping a lot. Oh, I might try my microwavable wheat pillow too.
I shouldn't moan now. I know lack of sleep will be worse!

oikopolis Fri 09-Nov-12 22:45:06

This was me at 34w, my waters broke that evening...!

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