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Birthing experiences

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summerjodiex Wed 07-Nov-12 09:12:39

I'm 17 and for my course at sixth form, I'm investigating how childbirth has changed over the past 50 years and whether the change has been positive or negative. So I would love for all mums, of all era's, to share their experiences.

I have a five month old son and my birthing experience was good. I had it in hospital and my labour lasted 6 hours, everything went well. I had to be on a monitor the whole time though as my baby's heart beat was down so that made labour a bit harder as I couldn't walk around. During the actual birth, we lost his heartbeat so the midwives had to attach a thing into his head to monitor his heartbeat that way, was scary but overall a successful birth.

How were your births? Did you have them at home or in hospital? How long did your labour last? How old are you? How were the midwives?

SarryB Wed 07-Nov-12 09:44:03

My labour and birth was good in medical terms. Tens machine and ball at home, gas and air in the pool at the unit, got out to get comfy, and to get morphine (it was so painful, I just wanted to lie down and get some drugs), baby out in 5 minutes and 3 pushes. From waters breaking to baby was 14 hours.

I had him at a local birthing unit, which is now sadly closing. It's a real shame because I live out in the sticks, and if that birthing unit hadn't been there I would've had to travel 2 hours to the nearest hospital.

I am 26 (was 25 when I had him 6 months ago), which I think is a good age.

The midwives were ace, and I was lucky enough to have the same midwife throughout pregnancy and she was also there for the birth. I was so happy about that!

Although it was a 'normal' birth in medical terms, I still found the pain very very very traumatic. LO was back to back, and I felt like my pelvis and thigh bones were going to snap in half. I would have gladly shot myself to end the pain. I think the morphine and the pain prevented me from remembering the actual birth bit, and resulted in me getting severe PND and suffering psychotic episodes. I'm now getting all the help I need and am well on the way to recovery.

cravingcake Wed 07-Nov-12 20:48:28

You asked, so here goes...

Waters broke as a slow trickle about 6am on a thurs am, but didnt have any regular contractions so went in for induction about 9pm on fri evening. Gel pessary was given and a hot chocolate niggles throughout night but nothing starting, second lot of gel pessary was given about 6am Sat am. Sat lunch time examination done and found to be only 2cm so was told would be moved to different room/ward, however, while waiting for this proper regular contractions started and full blown labour with contractions every 5 mins or so.

Was offered a bath (which I had, mainly to kill some time and attempt to use a pain relief) got out and demanded some proper drugs. Was given pethidine (sp), or was it the morphine one.... cant remember now about 6pm asked for epidural, which took about an hour. Had relatively pain free contractions until about 11pm when things all went very pearshaped.

Baby was distressed - heartrate not picking back up after contractions, consultant called in, (was fully dilated by this point). Was told to start pushing if I could, 2 hours later consultant came back and said baby needed out and fast so suggested forceps, which were used (vontouse attempted but baby was too high). By then epidural had worn off and they wouldnt top it up so I felt everything

End result, DS arrived early hours of Sunday am and I had a 4th degree tear, episiotomy which tore further, shoulder dystocia, pph, baby needed resus, and I had about an hour in surgery afterwards being stitched back up. My DS also had 3 neck vertabrae out of line which was diagnosed by a chiropractor at around 10 weeks.

I've had counselling for PTSD and PND and am now able to cope but am no way 'over it' but I try not to focus on it.

On a positive note, the midwives, consultant, paeditricians and 10 other people in the room I had were very good, and I had a student midwife too who was just fantastic, she even came to surgery with me to hold my hand, but nearly passed out - I'm guessing it wasnt a pretty site smile

greenbananas Sat 10-Nov-12 14:17:35

When I had DS, I was 9cm dilated by the time I got to hospital, but it still took another 9 hours to have the baby, perhaps because I didn't feel very confident in my midwife. She told me she was changing shift at 6am, so I think I sort of 'hung on' until then (I found out later that if you don't feel confident this can inhibit oxytocin production and slow down contractions). Lovely, calm and very experienced midwife then took over and after that I had the baby very quickly.

After the birth, on the delivery ward, I found the older midwives much more calming than the younger ones. However, I had nothing against the young midwives - they were obviously well-trained and very professional. Perhaps it's because I am an older mum myself (late 30s) that I felt more confidence in the older midwives.

When my mum was giving birth (in the 1970s) it was all rather 'medical' - then we were taken away from her immediately after delivery and put in cots in a separate room. I know she found that hard. However, my MIL (in the 1960s) had 3 lovely home births with very little intervention. A midwife came to her house, helped her deliver then tidied up and came back later in the day to see how she was getting on. It all sounds very chilled out. MIL says that home births were quite usual in her day.

Good luck with your coursework. I am very impressed that you are still studying when you also have a young baby of your own - you must be highly organised!!!

summerjodiex Wed 14-Nov-12 09:35:11

Thank you everyone smile really appreciate it. You've helped me a lot! smile xx

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