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Sore hip after forceps

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WeeSooty Mon 05-Nov-12 20:35:54

Hi everyone, this might be a bit long and confusing so if you stick with it, thank you!

I had my daughter 4 weeks ago, she turned back to back at last minute, I started off in the birthing pool but ended up with an epidural and eventually kielland forceps to turn and guide her out.

They also thought she had shoulder dystocia so they pushed my legs up towards my head (mcroberts manoeuvre I think).

Thankfully she was totally fine and not even marked in anyway. I've been having real problems with my right hip, it's very stiff and sore and I struggle to walk. Saw physio today and apparently because of the shoving of my legs my right leg has all jammed up and been knocked sideways by the forceps. I've been given one stretching exercise to do and told to take it easy.

Does anyone else have any experience like this at all?

Thank you!

cravingcake Tue 06-Nov-12 03:36:19

You are not alone. I had a forceps delivery a year ago (with shoulder dystocia, mcroberts manouvere, 4th degree tear & episiotomy). Although my pain is different to yours, its similar in that the birth has 'caused' the problem.

I've seen physio for the last few months due to severe back pain. On my first appointment the physio lady diagnosed me as hypermobile (basically its where joints move further than normal) which pregnancy made worse. My phsio said that in my case my pelvic floor muscle is very weak and was obviously damaged, and i have pathetically weak tummy muscles not used during pregnancy ad nobody told me to strengthen them & excercise them afterwards and all three muscles work together equally normally bu my back is overcompensating, causing the pain.

I have pilates style excercises to help but struggle to find time to do enough of them so am thinking of accupuncture as a short term option to try.

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