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4th labours - faster than previous 3?

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elliejjtiny Sat 03-Nov-12 16:06:06

I'm newly pregnant with baby number 4 and already thinking about the birth. First baby was 4.5 hours established labour, 2nd baby 1.5 hours established labour, 3rd baby 2.25 hours established labour. With all 3 I had latent labour for a while beforehand and with 2 and 3 my waters broke before labour started. With 3rd I went from pathetic irregular contractions to "this is definately it" fairly suddenly and then baby born 2h 15m after that.

Inlaws will be looking after DC's (90 mins away in the day, 30 mins eves and w/e). DH works 20 mins away. Am I looking at a speedy birth do you think? With DS2 and DS3 I was at the hospital anyway (was meant to be induced but DS's were too quick) but if we hadn't been we may not have made it to the hospital both times. None of the medical people were worried that I would give birth at home or in the car last time although I was.

I'm worried that I will end up giving birth with just the DC's for company. A homebirth would make it easier because DH and the midwife will probably make it even if the inlaws don't. I'm not "allowed" a homebirth though. So how fast were your 4th labours? If they were slower than your others I will stop panicking but if they were faster I will be shipping DC's off to inlaws at the first twinge and going to sit in the reception of the maternity unit just in case grin

7to25 Sat 03-Nov-12 16:09:59

Fourth was the same as third and my timings for births were remarkably similar to yours.
over six births, the second was the fastest. Sixth was pretty quick, but induced.

elliejjtiny Sat 03-Nov-12 21:35:49

Thanks, I won't bother waiting at the hospital then grin. Just as well with the amount they charge for parking!

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