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Advise please!

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Lbabyx Fri 02-Nov-12 10:02:38


I'm currently 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant and have been vomitting every few days for the past two weeks (I was sick in the first trimester, so bad in fact that I was admitted for dehydration). Anyway, I've also been getting uncomfortable but not painful cramping in lower part of my bump. Last night I had 2 BIG contractions (painful!) within 2 minutes, another 30 mins later, another 20 mins after that and then... Nothing! I also had a really strange brown "show".

Not had any pains this morning or anything to wake me during the night. I don't see the midwife for a week, is it worth making a call to antenatal day unit or should I just wait and see if any more contractions happen? Any advise would be appreciated smile

Rachel130690 Fri 02-Nov-12 10:51:08

I would give them a call, mention the vomiting and contractions. Best to get checked out if your concerned.

NAR4 Fri 02-Nov-12 16:09:10

I hate to say it, but I vomited throughout all my labours, so would want to check I wasn't in early labour if this happened to me. You never know you could be having a fantastic (almost) painfree early start to labour. Always worth ringing the day assessment unit if only to put your mind at rest. No harm in checking.

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