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Giving birth in Barnet

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DueJune2013 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:23:53

I need to decide where to give birth and would really appreciate some up-to-date advice.
I'll be 40 when I give birth. It's my first child.
Because I'd like to have a home birth, the only hospital I can register with is Barnet and Chase Farm. (Otherwise I'd choose UCLH, where they're said to have an amazing midwifery team.)
1: Does anyone know how genuinely positive they are at B&CF towards women of my age having home births?
2: If medical complications rule out a home birth, what's the chance of me being able to get into the Edgware Birth Centre, & finally:
3: If I can't get into the Edgware Birth Centre, what's the chance of me being sent to the midwifery unit at Barnet - or am I likely to get sent miles away, to Northwick Park or Watford General?

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