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SPD, labour and checking cervix

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Harbot Sun 28-Oct-12 14:02:20

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have bad SPD and gestational diabetes. I am therefore going to be giving birth in a maternity unit in hospital and it looks like I will be induced at 37-38 weeks (baby is very big and I am quite small - although I think that early induction is pretty routine at 38 weeks for those with GD).

I'm quite concerned about positions during labour, and am getting myself into a bit of a state about him (the bab) getting stuck, especially if I am in a lying down position. I'm also unable to open my legs very far due to the SPD. I've heard that the midwives often try and get you to 'pop on the bed' on your back in order to check cervix dilation. I really don't want to have to do this and have also heard that the midwives can check your cervix whilst you're on all fours, but they prefer not to as it's less easy than getting you up on the bed with legs wide apart.

So, I wondered whether anyone had any actual experience of this? Has anyone refused to get into the standard position for checking the cervix? I would like to be able to refuse to get into the lying down position, but I also don't want to do anything silly which will ultimately harm the baby (ie the midwife then not being able to check whether it's time to push and me pushing too early etc etc). I suppose I'm looking for some back-up!

Any comments / suggestions / experiences gratefully received!

maddening Sun 28-Oct-12 15:18:18

I had mild spd and was overdue with back to back labour (for 4 days haha ) and did end up on my back with legs spread - I did keep reminding the mw about the spd but by the end ds needed as much room as poss due to being back to back - and if I hadn't got him out it was forceps so was better to spread em iyswim smile ( he was 9lb 7 oz too so not small smile )

For me it wasn't painful ( no pain killers just a tens machine ) and I suffered no lasting effects from spd - my spd didn't go straight away but it has now.

maddening Sun 28-Oct-12 15:19:02

Ps good luck with the birth hope all goes well

NAR4 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:24:21

Check out the link on the 'Early urge to push' thread. You don't need to have your cervix checked at all during labour.

missnevermind Sun 28-Oct-12 16:39:36

Maddening Can I ask how long did your SPD last after the birth and did you see anybody?

Harbot with DC3 I laboured and gave birth on all fours actually on the bed. They fetched a spare mattress for the floor a beanbag and cushions but the bed was best for all of us, the midwife was willing to get into allsprts of positions.

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