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debbie1412 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:57:13

Im 39+2 we have a very expensive new bed. I've got cheap bedding and mattress protecters for when I come home. With my ds1 I had my waters broken I didn't feel what came out or how much.
What's the chances of waters going in the night. ?????
Is it alot ???
And would you recommend getting bed protected before hand. ?????
I'm clueless x

AnitaBlake Fri 26-Oct-12 18:01:50

I have an incontinence pad between my sheet and the mattress, hopefully if my waters go it'll be on that. I got five from Tesco for £3:20 smile

NeedlesCuties Sat 27-Oct-12 05:00:09

With DC1 my waters broke when I was in bed. I was 39 weeks, rolled over while asleep and whoosh came loads of water. Am very glad I had a plastic mattress protector. The one I had was a bit sheet which fitted over the mattress.

Another thing I was surprised about was: when I stood up even more waters flowed out! So I recommend having towels or old sheets to hand to throw down if needed.

However, with DC2 my waters needed to be broken and happened in hospital about 30 mins before she was born. Both my kids had labours which started very differently.

debbie1412 Sat 27-Oct-12 12:39:58

Brilliant thank you il get my bed changed today.

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