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st Mary's, manchester?

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utopian99 Fri 26-Oct-12 01:36:39

Wide awake due to wriggling LO and heartburn, will be 34 weeks tomorrow and will be giving birth at St Mary's in manchester so just interested if anyone else has any experiences to share since it got it's revamp?

whatsoever Fri 26-Oct-12 12:58:52

Hi OP,

I gave birth at St Mary's on the 14th, and just got out on Sunday. My experience was pretty positive. Birth did not go as planned (wanted a water birth with just gas & air; ended up with forceps & episiotomy under spinal block in theatre) but the care was exemplary throughout, on both the MLU and the CLU. The change from the birth plan was due to me demanding drugs and the baby getting stuck, not a lack of respect for my birth plan!

I ended up staying for a week as I had a raised CRP reading so my DS was treated with IV anti-biotics for 5 days. I had problems with breastfeeding & some weepy moments from lack of sleep & the MWs and nurses on the CLU post-natal ward (ward 66) were great.

I also had one day/night on the MLU post-natal ward where I think the staff were too stretched, although still very kind when you could get hold of them.

Food was terrible mind you, although edible in a nuked ready meal kind of way.

If I am ever brave enough to have another baby (currently just started anti-biotics for infected stitches & awaiting news of when I'll be re-stitched so in quite a bit of pain) I wouldn't hesitate to return to St Mary's.

kittysaysmiaow Fri 26-Oct-12 15:58:36

Hi op I'm 33 weeks and also due to give birth at St Mary's so thanks for starting this thread (although I may have to hide it if any horror stories appear!)

Most people round my way seem to choose wythenshawe, which I've heard very mixed things about. However a couple of the girls from my preg yoga group have recently had babies at St Mary's and have had nothing but good things to say smile

I was also having infertility investigations there before conceiving and I always felt well looked after. Good luck!!

whatsoever sorry your birth didn't go as planned but I'm glad you were well cared for.

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Fri 26-Oct-12 16:06:52

You will get good and bad stories wherever you go.

I went to st Mary's with ds2 last July (2011), and hoping to have ds3 next week in Salford royal community midwife led unit.

I didn't like st Mary's for much of it.

I even put in a formal complaint about one very bad attitude young mw.

Student mw told me I was 8cm, but I was actually 5cm.
One young mw was texting the whole time she was in the room with me and dh (pool room)
One mw just have the impression she wanted to be somewhere else and couldn't be bothered.
When labour didn't progress, after over 24 hours of being there, me begging for an epidural, 3 lots of diamorphine, 3 times in the pool, god knows how much gas-they decided I needed help hmm

The last 3 hours of me really struggling with pain and exhaustion I was simply told if I didn't get this baby out I would be out on a drip. No support, no nice ness about anything, literally I was left to it.

Then I ended up having an emergency spinal block, prepped for c section, thought they quickly try ventrouse first and whipped him out.

After care was quite good though. And in theatre I felt very safe as there were loads of people around.

Food was rank.

But everywhere was nice and clean and i got my own room.

Olivess Fri 26-Oct-12 18:09:49

I have just given birth at st Mary's (18th) and couldn't have been happier with the care I got there. We went to MLU and got delivery suite at 6am. The contractions then slowed right down and I was told I could go home. I really didn't want to and they were very happy for me to stay. I always felt like it was my choice with what to do. During active labour the midwife and student midwife were brilliant and so supportive. They see hundreds of births but made me feel like I was their first one.
I went to postnatal ward at 11pm and the nurses and mw popped in regularly to check I was ok. Then at 4am baby olive still wasn't settling and I was exhausted so they took her for a few hours so I could get some sleep. The postnatal care was excellent - they were very attentive. And I thought the food was ok although I wouldn't recommend the cheese omelette when you're in labour! That was a mistake!

itsallinmyhead Sat 03-Nov-12 03:14:33

I'm 35 weeks pg and will be delivering my DS at St Mary's.

I've heard all good things from friends who gave birth there.

GL to all who are preparing to & a massive well done to all who have their little ones.

utopian99 Sat 03-Nov-12 10:51:08

We're hoping to go and take their tour today.. Excited to see where it'll all be happening but nervous that makes it real!

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