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c-section ?

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gobbymare Wed 24-Oct-12 16:16:21

Hey MNers, its a simple question really, can u choose to have a c-section or do u have to give birth naturally ?

The reason i ask is because i would like to plan my next child next yr, i have 2 children 15 n 11,both naturally all be it the induction due to pre-elcampsia (poor spelling) my partner has 1 child who is 7.

My partner is scared about having another child because his first child was still born (cord round neck and being left with only MW who had never delivered a baby on her own b4).

He would love another child but says he wouldn`t feel able to cope with the labour because it would bring so much worry and trauma( as his ex wife nearly died) for both me and the child he suffers with high lood pressure as it is.

So he asked me if i would be allowed a c-section if i asked for one, and i have no idea, they gave his ex wife one but then she did go through the trauma, so i said i would ask you wonderful moms to see if we would be allowed.

Beatrixpotty Wed 24-Oct-12 17:08:04

You can definitely ask for a section.You need to ask your midwife to refer you to a the appointment they should go through the pros and cons and then see you again nearer the due date to make a final decision.It may be easier in certain parts of the country but if you are insistent on it,they can't say no.I asked for one for DC1 so I know it is possible.Was then offered choice of VBAC or section for DC2.Chose section again,v glad as came out with cord round neck & a knot in it...

gobbymare Wed 24-Oct-12 17:37:01

oh thankyou for your reply Beatrixpotty.
I shall show him this reply as I'm sure it will ease his thoughts on defiantly having one next year. smile

elizaregina Thu 25-Oct-12 07:29:48

if you go back through to past threads this always comes up.
Usually the general consensus is - always go in armed with as much info as you can incase you come up agasint a difficult consultant - ie usually NICE guidelines, all the risks etc.

For some reason - there seems to be a general attitude that wanting to be sliced open then unable to move for two weeks, twist, turn, bend down, is somehow an " easier" option than normal labour - so you have to go in showing you realise this!

On physical side of things - they could argue just because you had pre eclampsia before doesnt mena you will get it again, again a dismissive consultant adhering to c section stats in his hospital might push this on you.

so better to stress -that you have had it - and therefore are VERY VERY SCARED and nervous about giving birth naturally again, particulary as your DP may not be able to support you due to his previous trauma....

some people are able to ask and get one from enlightened - consultants who are able to look at a woman as a whole and not just a body able to birth, others sadly find themselves really struggling.

Fairylea Thu 25-Oct-12 07:41:26

I asked and I got one on the basis of a traumatic first labour (67 hours long, ventouse etc etc). The section was 100x better than the vaginal birth for me.

Bumblequeen Thu 25-Oct-12 10:04:12

You should ask for a cs, focus on your anxiety and state of mind. Say you were scarred from your previous experience.

I had a scheduled cs four years ago- pre-clampsia, failed induction, failing kidney.

I plan to request an elcs next time round and will be prepared when I go to see the consultant:

I have written my own account of the birth
I have requested for my medical records
I booked appointment with the nurse and stated my fears and anxiety (PND/PTSD- which were recorded
I have read NICE guidelines noting the risks of both vbac/elcs
I will push that I suffered with PTSD and was referred to a counsellor

I will refuse a vbac if offered and stick to my guns.

gobbymare Thu 25-Oct-12 12:48:52

Thanx for the advice ladies.

I had pre-elcampsia with both my preganncies, i think in my mind that i`m bound to do it the 3rd surley so would without a doubt argue that point, since i was told its rare to get it twice.

Will definatly read up on the NICE guidelines as i had never even heard of these.

Also as my second delivery was easy due to epidural, it was scary in terms of my sons heart beat going to 62 beats per min, put me off up until now in terms of wanting anymore.

I don`t really want to do a c-section as such would like to do it like i did my others but don`t feel its fare to expect my partner to have to go through the trauma again, it scared the chits outta me if i`m honest but would got through it for the sake of extending my family with my partner.

BTW does weight come into it at all since i am overweight ? (for now) blush

Marmiteisyummy Thu 25-Oct-12 17:21:22

Pre-eclampsia is often affected by the father, so you may not get it this time. It doesn't honestly sound like you want a csection, but your partner does. Could you think about asking for continuous monitoring, or hire a private midwife so there is someone with you all the time. Or perhaps a doula to support your DP.

There are significant risks to a section and very significant recovery time. I'm not saying you shouldn't, but it should be something YOU want. It is major abdominal surgery. Sadly babies have problems no matter which route they are born, a csection is not necessarily any safer.

Why not ask to speak to supervisor of midwives or consultant and ask their advice?

If you really want a section for you, because of fear, then apologies, and good advice above.

gobbymare Thu 25-Oct-12 22:43:51

no you are right, I don't want a c-section but I am willing to do it so that my partner will enjoy the pregnancy rather than worry and distance himself from it, and so that I too will enjoy the pregnancy other than worrying about him worrying and also I have had 2 VB's but they didn't go without serious hiccups ie sons heartbeat went quite low 62 beats per minute , and I think I would worry too about doing it all again , so I guess in writing this I think I too would like what seems to be the less stressful pregnancy and birth.
I did not know u could hire a personal MW that's interesting to know should we decide to actually extend the family.
As for pre-eclampsia his ex wife also had this complication so if it is true that it comes from the farther then thats not good . sad

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