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Could this be labour? Back labour...

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Londonmrss Wed 24-Oct-12 11:41:17

Well I'm confused. I'm 39 + 5.
After no labour symptoms at all for weeks (nothing- I've never even had any braxton hicks...), things kicked off for me last night.
Started with a lot of mucus discharge and immediately had bad backache. Went to bed and dozed til 1am. Around then, started to get regular pain (around 30 seconds every 10 minutes). By 4am, this was around 40-60 seconds every 4 minutes and continued until about 9am. I say 'pain' because it was all in my lower back- nothing that felt like a contraction, but all where I feel period cramps. Very intense and painful. I also had the shits like you would not believe.
Then it slowed and stopped. So I took the opportunity to have a nap.
Now I'm getting the pain again for about 20-30 seconds every 10 minutes.
So basically I have no idea if this is labour and my body just decided to give me a break, or maybe I've gone backwards... or maybe this isn't labour at all and I just ate something bad.
If it is labour, why is it all in my back? Baby isn't posterior...

Gingerbreadlatte Wed 24-Oct-12 12:15:41

Id call the labour ward or whoever you need to call. Mine started like that in terms of being in my back and baby was perfectly positioned.

Good luck!

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