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So here is what ive put...

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xmasevebundle Mon 22-Oct-12 20:53:23

I want a C-section, Im 19 and my first due christmas eve.

Before i start, i already know the cons and pros of both VB and ELEC!

These are the reasons for ELEC

Terrifed of everything, worried about pain, not being in control during labour, anxious something will happen to him, ^dying during labour^(main thought). Had the same dream over and over im in VB and he has the cord around his neck and hes blue/dead. Not been able to push him out.

I dont want another child(maybe in 10 years) due to this pregnancy being utter shit. Torn stomach muscles, absent/grief of the father.

The worry is taking over my life, i have the consultant on the 6th novemeber and hopefully i will get a c-section.

Has anyone had the same fears and got one?

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