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Any TENS tips?

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BoysBoysBoysAndMe Sun 21-Oct-12 22:20:45

Lots if questions sorry.....

Going to try and use a tens this time in labour.

Had a practice tonight and read the bumf that came with it.

But for those who have experienced it, when's best to put it on? Early labour?


Runningblue Sun 21-Oct-12 22:32:41

Early labour, build up slowly get your body used to it.
Make sure you have spare pads and batteries. I had the tens on for 3 days so needed both!
And above all... Don't let anyone else meddle with the controls...!

whatsoever Sun 21-Oct-12 22:33:13

I used mine last week during my labour, only taking it off to get into the birthing pool.

I used mine when I couldn't just chat through the contractions anymore. I started on the lowest setting & worked my way up. I only got to 4 but if I hadn't got in the pool d have turned it up more. Not sure it reduced the pain but it was an excellent distraction.

Twixed Sun 21-Oct-12 22:40:40

Warn your birth partner to make sure it's turned off before they pick up the pads to pack away when you're done! grin

Mine was ramped up high when I ripped it off to push the baby out (highly irritating by that stage), wasn't up to thinking to just turn it off...

Otherwise highly recommend, put it on early, you'll know when you need it.

Badgerina Sun 21-Oct-12 23:54:09

Yes highly recommended. I put mine on when surges were regular and demanding more attention. It's good you've had a practice. I had to work out how to use mine whilst in labour confused

I found it very helpful though. Used only TENS until transition, then switched to gas and air.

R2PeePoo Mon 22-Oct-12 00:04:58

I put mine on within the first thirty minutes of contractions each time, just after my waters popped.

With DD 7 years ago I was recommended to put it on and give it a go at 38 weeks pregnant to get used to the sensation. I remember lying on my bed having removed it, totally relaxed, not wanting to move! When I was in labour I held onto the memory of that sensation. Don't know if that is still recommended though.

You might want to get some medical tape/bandage tape as the pads on my back started to unstick due to sweat etc after about 10 hours, but DH and the midwife stuck them back on for me.

Also make sure your birth partner knows how its works etc. I was pushing DS out when DH said to my mum (one on either side of me) 'this TENs thing is great, you just control it with these dials' and proceeded to push it up to maximum, giving me a rather unpleasant jolt/electric shock.

stargirl1701 Mon 22-Oct-12 00:05:07

Have a go at putting it on with your birth partner well before the labour. Stock up on batteries and electrodes. Put it on in early labour.

I manages to get to 8cm with the TENS and went to hospital at that point. I was at Level 6 by then. Popped into the pool on arrival.

bookbird Mon 22-Oct-12 00:25:38

Don't be afraid to ramp up the power. I had a quick birth and thought I'd need to save the more powerful levels for "later" so stayed on low for ages. DS was born an hour later, I never felt the benefit of high.

SquidgersMummy Mon 22-Oct-12 10:41:43

Put it on EARLY - earlier it goes on better it will work as it has to built up endorphines in your body for an hour or so. I found it really helpful and a bit confusing as contractions were regular but not excruciating ..... good job we went to hospital just to check as was 7cm dilated grin

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