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Consultant ward at (new) Heath Hospital Cardiff?

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JacksonsMum09 Thu 18-Oct-12 14:40:20

Does anyone have experience of the consultant wards at the Heath since the wards have been renovated.

I had my son in 2009 at the Royal Glamorgan and I'm due April 2013 with my next baby. I've heard good things about the Heath since it's been re-done and want to make my decision on where to have this baby based on the best hospital and the best level of care.

Since I had a c-sec last time I just found out that it's unlikely that I'd be able to start off on the MW led wards (the ones with pools in each room and a double bed) but would go straight to the consultant ward.

So I wanted to know what they're like. Do you get your own room to labour in? I'm scared of being shoved onto a big ward!!


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