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Vbac and meeting with consultant

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Neverme Thu 18-Oct-12 14:23:49

I've got an appointment with the consultant next month to discuss my birth choices this time round as I had an EMCS last time (DS is 2.5 years).

What kind of things would you be wanting to discuss? I'm minded towards the vbac So far I'm thinking:
- Pros and cons of ELCS/Vbac for me specifically taking into account history
- How long would they let me labour for before wanting to do another c-section
- policy on induction if baby is overdue or would they just do elcs
- policy on cfm/how labour would be managed. This is one of my big bugbears - I really really don't want to be hooked up to lots of monitors/drips etc. Part of the problem with DSs birth was that he was back to back and so not enough pressure on cervix etc. so I think being mobile and upright would help me

Any suggestions gratefully received!

halloweeneyqueeney Thu 18-Oct-12 15:03:20

what week they would book a planned section (just to be informed of alternative)
if you can book a section for 41 weeks in advance incase you go overdue, would they do this automatically (mine isn't keen to induce with previous CSs)
do they routinely cannulate and if so do you want to decline (I will as IMO I can stay mobile and upright with a monitor, but if I can't use one of my hands/arms it'll be much harder)
Can you get referred for VBAC clinic/classes/free hypnobirthing

mainly go over why you had your CS last time as it'll help you plan how to avoid another one

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